Technophobes? Learn How to Help them Adapt

Resistance to change. It’s a characteristic that makes most managers run in fear from some employees. Often the employees in question have experience and insight no one else on the team does, but because they won’t adopt new technology, they can damage the team and the entire company. It’s especially true when you’re working to implement an entirely different system, like ERP software, to help improve your company.  Short of forcing them to leave, though, is there anything you can do to help them adapt? Absolutely. Take a look.

Figure Out What’s Wrong

There may be a reason some employees are slower to adapt than others. If you haven’t had that conversation with your employees, it’s time to do it now. Ask what some of their common complaints might be, then help them understand how the new ERP software will actually help the company. If you show them not only how it will address their issues, but also why it’s important to the company, you’re more likely to get the cooperation you need.

Offer Better Training

You can’t simply drop an ERP software solution into your company, provide a single memo or even a tech support manual, then expect everyone to be on board. For some employees, technology is a natural fit. For others, though, it can be confusing. If you offer multiple trainings in a variety of formats, though, you’re going to find better adoption rates. Moreover, providing one-on-one support after training may mean your most concerned employees get the help they need to work with the new software instead of against it.

Celebrate the Wins

As you begin to see the benefits you wanted from your new ERP software, be sure to celebrate those wins in a very public way. That will help your employees see why they have to change, and it will also drive the adoption rates, so everyone can see, and celebrate, those benefits.

As you select the ERP software that’s right for you, remember that we offer complete training solutions for all of your employees. Contact us today to learn more.