Three Hidden Benefits of ERP Software

ERP software solutions are often discussed as the ideal option for many of today’s companies, but if you’re not sure about the benefits, you may be a bit leery of an investment in this area. While most of the literature surrounding ERP software offers a small taste of the bonuses involved, few delve into what it could actually mean for your company. There are some hidden benefits much of the literature overlooks. Take a peek at just how powerful it can be.


ERP software means you get the tools necessary to create accurate forecasts. Think that’s not a benefit that matters for your company? Think again. A higher level of accuracy within your forecasts means your managers know exactly how to handle the business, whether it’s waxing or waning, and that means the opportunity to execute brand planning more effectively. That kind of predictability means confidence and certainty, which can do a lot for morale on the ground. Decisions become more efficient, and so does your entire enterprise.


As a business grows, it must continue to meet market demands, and scalability is a massive factor in that equation. Take the story of Unidesk, for example. A Boston-based virtual desktop management provider, they teamed up with Dell and began to grow very quickly. In fact, one in every three referrals Dell sends to Unidesk fast becomes a customer, sticking with this once-tiny company for years to come. If your small company intends to grow quickly, it must be more scalable, and ERP software can help to facilitate that growth and help you move forward.


Today’s business model isn’t stuck in a single location. Instead, it’s a global one, leading to employees, team members, and vendors who need access no matter where you might be. ERP software can make that happen. Because it means a centralized database with access to all of your information, anyone who is part of your network has the opportunity to move your brand forward, no matter where they may be.

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