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Take charge of your company’s diverse needs with the industry-standard organizational charting software for companywide communication and planning

With industry-standard organizational charting tools for companywide coordination and planning, you can quickly determine the existing organizational structure and respond to evolving needs. Sage OrgPlus assists you and your colleagues in better understanding the structure of the business and everyone’s position in achieving corporate goals. Sage OrgPlus helps you achieve these goals by including tools like data processing, operational planning, and intuitive map design and formatting. With advanced publishing features, you can publish the charts directly to a website or intranet and get the data refreshed on a predefined timeline.

Sage OrgPlus by Insperity

Strategize for different business scenarios

 Managers can strategize for different business scenarios, share the chart data, and measure their impact using built-in formulas to measure headcount, salaries, or other important planning and key metric information. Additionally, you can easily communicate your organizational structure to employees and centralize employee contact information. Managers will plan for a variety of demand scenarios, share map data, and evaluate the impact using built-in calculations to measure headcount, pay, and other important forecasting and key metric data.

Easily customize your charts

Sage OrgPlus also comes with a number of formatting options that let you easily construct organizational charts that can be published in a range of formats, including Microsoft Word, HTML, and navigable PDF and PowerPoint. You can quickly design organizational maps to suit the company’s specific requirements using thousands of predefined map models and drag-and-drop features. You can also use a variety of modeling tools and visual effects to further configure them, as well as create global views of the company with many, personalized tabs contained within one file.

Strategize for different business scenarios

Transparency is crucial for Sage OrgPlus. Employees and administrators both have real-time access to organizational maps, so they have the information they need to adhere to the agenda.

Product options

Sage provides on-premises, license, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to guarantee that all customers can get the product that best suits their needs.

Simple chart customization

Sage OrgPlus includes all of the formatting resources you'll need to quickly construct organizational maps. Create charts in any format you require: Microsoft Word, HTML, or PDF and PowerPoint files that can be navigated

Sage OrgPlus

OrgPlus is the industry’s most used web application for designing and publishing technical organizational maps. OrgPlus is a powerful strategic strategy platform that helps the company make easier and more informed employee choices.

Sage OrgPlus RealTime

OrgPlus is an acronym for Organizational Plus. RealTime is a web-based organizational management program that aids in the creation and maintenance of organizational structures. Internet access, employee data import, publishing, sharing, and assigning multiple users are all available.


Automatically and quickly create organizational charts by linking to your Sage HRMS database. Dynamically format your data to bring attention to specific information for a more complete view of your data.

Publish your charts in a variety of formats, including Microsoft® PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, HTML, or post them directly to the web or your company intranet.

Refresh, distribute, and publish your chart data in a predefined schedule of your choosing to ensure that your employees always have the most up-to-date information.

Create “what-if” business scenarios to measure their impact.

Perform spreadsheet functions on data in chart boxes and insert links to other files.

Customize charts with one of 36 predefined templates, import pictures, create card views, and include fill effects such as gradients and textures.

Create multiple rows under one manager with multicolumn chart styles, import and manipulate pictures to boxes and backgrounds, and group boxes within charts.

Generate, view, and edit organizational charts in Word and PowerPoint® and export your charts to Excel® for analysis.

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