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The Sage Payroll PayCard is a credit card that makes it easier to pay workers who don’t have bank accounts. It can be used to make payments (in-store and online), pay bills, and get cash wherever Visa debit cards are allowed. It gives the unbanked workers financial freedom, allowing them to experience the comfort and stability of key financial services that many people take for granted.


With the Sage Payroll PayCard, an easy-to-use solution to paper paychecks, you can save money on payroll processing expenses.

This payroll debit card requires all workers, regardless of current banking relationships, to engage in direct deposit. It offers a user-friendly online registration portal that conveniently connects with the current payroll system.

payroll paycard


Reduce the costs of issuing paper paychecks

Minimize check fraud

Provide an additional voluntary employee benefitĀ 


Immediate availability of money on payday

“Unbanked” employees do not need a banking relationship

Families can receive multiple cards for use



WageBank, operated by FlexWage Solutions, is a proprietary product that adds a persuasive value to the Sage Payroll PayCard scheme. WageBank isn’t a high-cost loan; rather, it’s a responsible, low-cost, risk-free way to cope with life’s unexpected costs.

Direct Disbursement

Employers should fill the Sage Payroll PayCard immediately for Direct Disbursement, rather than waiting until the next pay day. Travel per diems, expense compensation, incentives, and petty cash are also great applications for this extremely useful method.

Mobile Access

For anything from balance inquiries to WageBank payments, Sage Payroll PayCard customers appreciate the convenience and ease of mobile account entry.

ATM Access Nationwide

Customers with a Sage Payroll PayCard will get free or low-cost cash from the Allpoint ATM Network throughout the United States. ATMs in Walgreens, CVS, Costco, 7-11, Target, and hundreds of other convenient outlets are part of the Allpoint Network. In addition, cardholders are entitled to unrestricted access to their funds at every bank counter once per payroll time.


Customers who use Sage Payroll PayCard will give their workers Visa debit cards without a credit check and have them delivered to their homes. Cardholder assistance is available toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all needs, including missing, stolen, and new cards, as well as account problems.

Enroll Online

Customers with Sage Payroll PayCard will enroll their workers in just a few minutes online at

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