iSolved: A Complete HCM Solution

A Complete HCM Solution

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An all encompassing, scalable HCM software that is built to improve your work life and company. While also keeping track of all workforce management processes — payroll, HR, time, and benefits.


Time & Attendance in the cloud

Time Clock

Flexible time collection

iSolved TimeForce - TF1 Differences

See iSolved TimeForce’s updated cloud system. We will walk you through the changes in our new system so you can get back to business.

iSolved TimeForce Product Demonstration

Watch the iSolved TimeForce product demo. This demo goes over time collection, user views-employer/manager/administrator views, options behind processing, payroll, etc.

iSolved TimeForce - Job Tracking

Watch the iSolved TimeForce – Job Tracking product demo. Create customizable job levels, tasks, timecards, pay levels, pay codes, and more!

iSolved TimeForce Scheduling

Watch iSolved TimeForce Scheduling demo and learn the different types of scheduling available in the system. Be notified immediately if an employee comes in late, leaves early, or works overtime. Additionally, this cloud solution allows you to have access to all scheduling data from your internet browser.

Simplify Workforce Management With iSolved

Bring all of your employee management processes into one place: Payroll + HR + Benefits + Time data.

Save time and stop searching through different platforms for critical employee data. Allow your employees access to tools that help them stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate.


Our focus is making your work life better

iSolved transforms people management.

Before iSolved, your employee information existed in separate systems requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, multiple software applications, and several different logins. iSolved takes away the pain, time and errors of that process by providing a completely consolidated human capital management solution.

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iSolved TimeForce - TF1 Differences

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