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The #1 Subscription Billing & Financial Software for SaaS Companies

Strengthen ASC 606 revenue recognition to shorten the close up to 79%

Users save hours of tedious computations by automating a single revenue stream throughout the client lifecycle. This also speeds up closing and reporting while increasing accuracy and compliance. The Sage Intacct financial system is the only reliable source of information. It also doesn’t call for a new reconciliation.

Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies
Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies

Raise your next round with great SaaS metrics

Investors want organizations to prove their business model. The Sage Intacct SaaS metrics dashboards calculate CAC, CLTV, CMRR, Gross Churn, Customer Churn, and other critical KPIs.

Sage Intacct subscription revenue management software uniquely lets users tag unlimited dimensions on journal entries to provide the calculations for real-time SaaS dashboards, enabling:

Subscription revenue management software to increase cash flow

Information from quotes or contracts flows without any rekeying thanks to integration between Salesforce CPQ and Sage Intacct financials. For more accurate billing and improved customer service, Sales and Finance exchange current data. This allows you to devote more time to strategic, higher-value tasks.

Companies that integrate their quote-to-cash often see their DSO decrease up to 30%, freeing up cash flow to invest in hiring and acquisitions.

Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies
Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies

Smarter subscription management software–from quote to financial forecast

Sage Intacct offers the only ASC 606 cloud accounting and billing solution–from quote to financial forecast. Thanks to native CPQ integration, finance teams can:

Build usage, consumption, evergreen, and hybrid billing

With Sage Intacct, users can build 300+ billing scenarios across usage, consumption, product-led growth, high ACV, and hybrid models, building value metrics to incentivize growth with customers and internal teams. Plus, have ASC606/IFRS15 revenue recognition, and 200+ investor-grade reports on progress.

Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing Solution

The only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration; along with ASC 606, FP&A, and HR.

Subscription and SaaS

Early Stage

Everything businesses need for billing, rev rec, and SaaS metrics, PLUS the expenses & cash-flow management to navigate uncertainty & fundraising.

Growth Stage

Subscription billing, ASC606, revenue recognition, SaaS dashboards, FP&A and HR all in Sage Intacct.

Private Equity

Build a more profitable businesses through world class financial management, subscription automation, and service.

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