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Sage Intacct for Nonprofit Organizations

A core fund accounting solution with a dimensional general ledger and accounts payable automation, comprehensive grant tracking and billing, automated nonprofit revenue recognition, easy-to-use reporting and dashboards, and a rock-solid audit trail.

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Achieve real-time visibility with nonprofit financial reports and dashboards

In order to further their missions, nonprofits require more timely and informative financial reporting. With Sage Intacct, finance directors and executives can look forward and make plans for programs, fundraising, personnel, and more based on what is already happening thanks to its simple-to-create reports, dashboards, and visualizations that are available in real-time.

Outcomes dashboards can show users how well their organization accomplishes its goals more effectively than they could with just typical financial reports by displaying significant financial data alongside outcomes.

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Maximize efficiency and stewardship by automating manual processes

Automated, paperless workflows accelerate standard accounting and reporting activities, freeing up time to concentrate on tactics that further the goals of an organization. With Sage Intacct, users become more effective because:

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Dashboards
Sage Intacct

Work smarter with seamless system integration

By utilizing technology to perform more efficiently, make sure the finance team is up to date with contemporary processing and reporting insights for the management team. Users can connect to current or upcoming systems using the open API of Sage Intacct. As a result, they can measure metrics that are essential to their organization’s operations and initiatives in a single location by utilizing crucial data from donor management, payroll, budgeting, CRMs like Salesforce, and other sources.

Simplify and speed consolidations to manage your organization’s complexity

How can your organization operate effectively and clearly when you are using various legal entities, currencies, and tax jurisdictions? Leave spreadsheets and laborious reconciliations behind. The powerful multi-dimensional database in Sage Intacct enables you to compile transactions and activity from all areas of your nonprofit organization:

Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies

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Sage Intacct for Foundations and Philanthropic Charities

Nonprofit Grants Tracking and Billing- Ensure Compliance with Grant Requirements

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