Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards

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Cloud ERP Dashboards

With Acumatica ERP dashboards, monitor current financial, operational, and organizational information, and analyze real-time trends and KPIs.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards

How Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards Can Work for You

Acumatica dashboards offer flexibility and can be tailored to the specific needs of each user – for example, the information needed by shipping and receiving is different than the information needed for sales or the executive leadership team.

Dashboards offer a way to visualize complex data through widgets that can display a wide variety of data types. Data is automatically updated in real time, and users can drill-down into each widget to view the information in greater detail.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards

Role-based security

Display only the information necessary for each user. Sensitive information can be reserved only for those with appropriate access rights.

Interactive, real-time dashboards

Use dashboards for one page customized views of key information in a variety of visual formats (tables, pie charts, bar charts, etc.) from multiple sources. Dashboard content is dynamically generated for real-time results. Click on dashboard widgets for more detailed information.


Dashboards can be customized by role, department, or individual so users get the information they need.

Important Features of Acumatica Cloud ERP Dashboards

  • Easily modify dashboard displays with drag and drop widgets.

  • Display data from a variety of data sources, including Acumatica’s database, Power BI tiles, external data sources, and Acumatica Generic Inquiries.

  • Design custom dashboards with little or no training to deliver information.

  • Conveniently add new dashboards, manage existing dashboards, and configure widgets on dashboards, even from mobile devices.

  • Acumatica dashboards also allow users to filter and drill down on specific parameters.

  • All dashboard elements are available for display in mobile applications.

  • Personalize the color of the company’s user interface to match company branding or color preferences.
  • For multi-company or multi-branches, a different color can be specified for each branch to make it easier for employees to distinguish among them.

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