Construction Edition

Acumatica Construction Edition accounting software allows you to have a complete, real time view of your business at anytime, anywhere. This includes powerful financials, payroll, service management, job cost accounting, project management, inventory, and more.

Acumatica’s Construction Edition is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology with a unique, all-inclusive user licensing model. This easy-to-use construction accounting software will increase collaboration, increase project visibility and profitability, and streamline time-intensive processes.

Key Benefits

Organize Your Business

Manage projects, costs, and company-wide capacity with a solution that links opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and compliance from one screen. When all team members have a “single source of the truth” in one location, decisions are made more efficiently and effectively.

Easily Manage Financials

Manage materials and subcontractors using inventory control, purchase requisitions, and advanced warehousing for your stored materials. Utilize construction accounting software to accurately forecast and manage payroll, costs, profits, cash, and taxes, through revenue balance, percentage completed, and finished contract accounting—with multiple entities, languages and currencies.

Focus on the Project not the Paperwork

Acumatica’s modern, no per-user fees, consumption-based licensing, and role-based access security allows documents to be shared with internal and external users to improve efficiency and collaboration. Leverage Acumatica construction accounting software for document management of plans, submittals, change orders, spreadsheets, contracts, specifications, emails, photos, inspection reports, and more!

Acumatica Construction Edition

Job Cost Accounting

Gain a detailed insight into your job costs, which includes: cost at completion, cost to complete, and percentage of completion. The detailed job information helps you accurately estimate future projects.

Stay ahead of scope changes and cost impacts

Manage project, budgets, and track all activities, issues, change orders, project documents, and job costs from one central area.

Always available, anytime anywhere

Get a complete view of your project details (including real-time field updates) allowing instantaneous information to flow between your back-office, project team, and management.

Connect to other construction solutions

Take advantage of cloud integrations to CFMA Benchmark, DocuSign, ProEst, Procore, Microsoft Office, and many more.

Operational continuity and business resilience

Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing and role-based security enables efficiency, continuity of operations, and flexibility, because it supports work-from-anywhere scenarios for everyone on your team.

Construction Accounting Features

Links between sub-jobs and contract details in the project plan include all relevant change orders.

Budgets are directly linked to accounting, contracts, and the project plan in order to manage hard and soft costs, profits, change orders, fees in real time, and overheads.

Capture material, equipment, and labor costs from any device providing instantaneous updates for ensuring project management and accounting are in sync.

Control changes of the project budgeted, committed values, and control the profitability of every change initiated by a customer. The change order is a document for profitability analysis and an audit trail of changes to the commitments, project revenue budget, and budgeted costs.

Streamline field management and make sure everyone is looking at the same information when it comes to time collection, job site visitors, subcontractor updates, issue and change request tracking as well as job site weather updates.

Confirm details and automatically generate pro forma, time and material, and progress invoices from one screen, including quick billing.

Contracts, inventory control, and purchase requisitions integrate directly with subcontracts to simplify project and joint check management.

Manage lien waivers and certificates, releases, insurance, and status updates, providing the expiration and other alerts to staff and suppliers.

Support for classes, multiple unions, benefit packages, locals, and complex wages, including certified wages and executive compensation.

  • Take of advantage of cloud integrations to ProEst, Procore, CFMA Benchmark, Microsoft Office, DocuSign, and many more.

Take advantage of cloud integrations to CFMA Benchmark, ProEst, DocuSign, Procore, Microsoft Office, and many more.

Capture time, project issues, expenses, change requests and more. Productivity will increase making your construction projects run even more smoothly.

Construction Edition Applications

General Contractor Accounting Software

Get the most out of every type of construction project, manage job costs, stay on schedule, and achieve greater profitability.

Home Builder Accounting Software

Manage your subcontractors, customers,, and every part of your home building process with complete control and ease.

Subcontractor Accounting Software

Seamlessly link the office and field to manage material costs, labor, and inventory.

Land Developer Accounting Software

Maintain complete control and manage your projects with ease—from excavation through infrastructure.

Additional Construction Resources

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