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Staying up to date with constantly changing tax laws can be difficult to say the least, gain some insight and direction with Avalara regarding any and all taxes

Make taxes less taxing.

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Delivers sales and use tax calculations within existing business applications at the time of checkout or billing — in real time.


Prepares and files sales and uses tax returns with a higher degree of accuracy than doing it alone – and in a fraction of the time.


Automate exemption process to collect, validate, store, manage, and renew compliance documents in the cloud — securely and at scale.

Sales Tax

Every state has a different application and process for sales tax registration — fill out Avalara’s form once and the preparation and everything else is handled!

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Tax Types Avalara Tackles

Avalara’s flexible platform combines technology and tax expertise to help businesses of all sizes with the following tax types

Sales & Use Tax

Retail, eCommerce & Manufacturing

Sales tax is hard. There’s always the possibility of changing legislative regulations, new tax rules, or shifts in product taxability. And there’s a big financial risk for businesses if they’re getting it wrong.

Let AvaTax calculate sales tax for every business transactions based on jurisdiction laws and rules, without bogging down IT or finance teams.

Excise Tax

Energy, Fuel, Tobacco, Vape

Grab the keys to automated excise tax calculations, signature-ready returns, efficient exemptions, and streamlined sales and use tax compliance.

Avalara keeps users in the driver’s seat while providing a much smoother ride. Designed for the energy supplier, distributor, retailer, terminal operator, and trader markets — as well as the tobacco and vape industries — Avalara can help optimize processes and reduce excise tax risk. 

Lodging Tax

Short-Term Rental, Hotel, B&B

Thousands of rental property owners, property managers, and hotel operators rely on Avalara for hassle-free lodging tax tools.

Businesses face a host of tax compliance challenges when they run a hotel or rent out a vacation home. Let Avalara help, with solutions and services that manage licenses, calculate tax, prepare and file returns, and more.


Country Guidance & News on VAT

Avalara VATlive offers a wealth of free, up-to-date country guidance and news on VAT and GST from Europe and around the world. It is provided by Avalara, whose SaaS-based VAT, GST and US Sales Tax software, registrations and returns services help businesses around the world reduce the risks and costs of their compliance.

Communications Tax

VoIP, Streaming, loT

Simplify and streamline communications tax calculation, returns, and remittance to help remain compliant in an increasingly challenging industry.

Communications tax now reaches far beyond traditional telecom and cable, to VoIP services, streaming content, and the Internet of Things. Avalara understands the nuances and helps cut through the red tape to do tax compliance right.

Cross-Border Duties & Tax

Item Classification, Customs Duties, Import Taxes

Getting the duties and taxes right on cross-border sales is critical for operations and customers. It’s also highly complex, thanks to customs regulations and a maze of tariff codes (also known as Harmonized System/HS codes).

Avalara’s cross-border solution makes it easier to sell anywhere in the world by automating the process of identifying and mapping tariff codes to products and by calculating customs duties and import taxes.

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, eCommerce

Goods and services tax compliance suite so users can stay focused on their business.

From manufacturing, pharmaceutical, logistics, retail, e-commerce – businesses who want automated Goods and Services Tax compliance, Avalara is here to help.

Why Should You Automate Tax Compliance?

It would take me three days to research
and categorize just 100 items. Can you imagine how long it would take me to do more than 20,000?

Decrease the high cost & drain on your business

Employee time & Expertise are Expensive

Without automation, tax professionals are likely buried in endless tasks that could be offloaded. Every hour spent on tax management is an hour lost on other (more important) parts of business.

Spreadsheets can lead to guesswork

Reduce tax risk

Government requirements are increasingly complex and vast, as rates, product taxability rules, and tax laws are constantly in flux. Without automation, businesses are taking on unnecessary risk.

With up-to-date rates and rules maintained by a cloud-based tax engine, automated tax software can increase the accuracy of tax compliance. 

We answer with such confidence and authority now; the auditors have moved on to someone else.

With automation, rate calculations are more accurate, use tax is assessed, returns are filed on time, exemption certificates are up to date and easily accessible, and users are registered in all the right locations.

We just publicly announced another pending acquisition, and the ability to take in a new revenue stream, port it into Zuora, and immediately be compliant — that scalability is really nice

Get more out of your existing technology and systems

Add Tax Compliance To Business Applications

Businesses are likely already automating critical parts of their operations with ERPs, ecommerce platforms, and other business applications. Get more out of investments by connecting tax software into the systems that power other parts of business.

Automated tax solutions like Avalara integrate into the most widely used solutions or offer an open API, which allows users to manage their tax compliance within a single dashboard.

Grow and scale without adding tax pain

Expand Your Business, Not Your Tax Department

Company growth can create more tax pain. Entering new markets and adding sales channels, employees, products, and/or services can trigger new obligations to register and file in more locations.  

So, too, does expanding into international markets. With global sales come more complicated tax rules and an additional set of tax jurisdictions. Value-added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST) are applied differently than U.S. sales tax. And every country’s tax rules are different.

I don’t worry about sales tax at all now.
If we turn on 15 more states tomorrow,
we wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing.

Automation decreases the tax complexity that often comes with business grow. The effort required to maintain compliance in a few states is vastly different when you do business in most of the U.S. And selling into more countries adds a whole new level of complexity. With automation, it’s easier to scale.

Manual vs Automated: Sales Tax Compliance





Returns & Reporting

Document Management

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Tax Content & Rules

Over 700 integrations

Robust & flexible API

Leading technology to create out of this world automation
Software adaptability to change with your business
Integration and connectivity with other ERP software
Continued updates without interuption
Avalara Sales Tax Automation Software

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The Avalara tax compliance platform combines a vast database, a reliable and secure infrastructure that scales, and an extensive network of prebuilt integrations to the most widely used business applications — delivered from the cloud.

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