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DocLink for Your Remote Workforce

DocLink is a document management and process automation system that allows businesses to go paperless and touchless in any department, allowing them to better manage their data.
DocLink enables users to digitally change business operations in any area – accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, sales order processing, legal, and more – for greater visibility and efficiency.
Automatically capture, process, retrieve, and send documents in a secure manner. Anyone, on any device, may generate, process, and approve documents at any time and from anywhere.
 Eliminating paper and digitally storing all your documents is the first step, but DocLink does so much more by automating workflows and streamlining all your vital document processes and more which you can read about in this Datasheet: DocLink Remote Workforce

Benefits of DocLink

Easy access to documents

Streamlined approval process

Increased productivity & collaboration

Reduced manual errors

Centrally managed document storage

Powerful & flexible security

Doclink Product Features

Document Management

Track & Access Documents Wherever They Are

Overcome inefficiencies and massive digital landfills with DocLink, a powerful document management system that keeps data safe, accessible, and manageable. ​

DocLink’s extensive capture capabilities index documents for rapid and accurate retrieval from anywhere –  PC, browser, or mobile device – regardless of how they were created.

Assigned roles and permissions govern each user’s access and capabilities, in addition to protecting papers from unintentional loss. Document access may be specified at a very fine level, right down to the individual property values of the document.

All document-related actions are thoroughly scrutinized. Supervisors can observe the last time a document was accessed and the action that was performed. Users  can easily observe what has (or has not) transpired in their processes, allowing them to spot common bottlenecks.

DocLink works with some of the most popular ERP software programs.

Workflow & Document Processing

Control Information Throughout The Entire Daily Document Lifecycle

DocLink's customizable workflow offers more than just an electronic mailbox. It takes care of essential papers and data during their full lifespan.

Configurable workflow moves document management through companies according to specified procedures while keeping them visible at all times.

Company’s users will informed and on task by sending them email alerts. Choose from a variety of notifications, such as alerts when papers are ready for inspection, documents are past due, or a daily summary report is available.

Using document data, approval rules, or as a scheduled job, automate workflow operations.

Some workflow methods involve data collection at various points during the process. A Smart Form may be used to provide suitable data fields to the user, enforce data validations, and move data through the workflow process.

Document Capture

Track & Access Documents Wherever They Are

DocLink Smart Capture Benefits and Process Sheet

Choose the optimal capture technique for documents.

If users receive paper documents, they can scan them immediately into DocLink to keep them secure and expedite processing.

  • Use DocLink’s scan software or any scanner/MFD that creates TIFs or PDFs to scan paper files in.
  • Don’t risk losing paper while being away from the workplace. Using DocLink’s mobile app, take a photo of the document and upload it to DocLink.

The Smart Form Toolkit helps users to standardize and regulate the process of collecting data from users in order to produce a fresh new document (such as an expense report, sales order traveler, or new supplier request). Simply add the appropriate data components and validation criteria to the DocLink window.


Many documents may already be digitized. DocLink can capture these files in a variety of ways.

DocLink’s Enterprise Report Management (ERM) solution collects and indexes documents and reports produced by user’s business systems automatically. Simply ‘print’ the document to a DocLink-monitored printer driver, and ERM will take care of the rest.

OCR ‘reads’ the data on papers and indexes and processes it, resulting in increased efficiency and lower transaction processing costs.

The Barcode module in Doclink scans the barcode and utilizes the information to index the document automatically. There is no need for physical intervention.

Import Manager may be setup to monitor the email inbox and automatically import the contents into the repository if users have an email address set up to receive a specific type of document.

Import Manager leverages the XML data received from users’ business partners to automatically build a document or index a relevant document in DocLink.

If users files are on a mobile device, they can use the DocLink Mobile app to upload them directly into DocLink. Field services, remote team employees, and regular travelers would appreciate this choice.

If users get faxes, they may index the digital pictures into DocLink. FaxLink scans the fax directory for new faxes, decollates them into individual pages, and transfers them to a location where DocLink can index them.

Automated Delivery

Schedule & Automatically Distribute Documents With Supporting Documentation

Eliminate paper documents and save time, money, and productivity for your organization.

Sending information out should not be a heavy expense for your organization. DocLink Output Manager automatically delivers documents to anyone (partners, employees, customers, vendors, etc.) based on preconfigured routing rules.


  • Select the document format each recipient receives and the method of distribution (email, fax, print)
  • Configure rules to locate related documents, collate them in the proper order, and send them along with the master document
  • Personalize cover sheets to represent your company and promote your brand
  • Specify the delivery scheduleReap the benefits of automated delivery through hard dollar savings (think supply costs and postage fees) and soft dollar savings (time spent manually handling documents and preparing for delivery) while improving customer service.

Mobile Access

Securely Access, Approve & Capture Documents Instantly On Mobile Devices

DocLink's native applications are available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, and are designed to take use of the finest features of both the iOS and Android platforms.

Users not only have access from everywhere, but they also are able to work on the device that is most convenient for them. It’s easier than ever to find papers on a phone or tablet.

Gone are the days when a traveling manager’s email was clogged with paperwork. DocLink Mobile allows users to approve documents while on the go. Managers can look at supporting documents, make remarks, and move the document to the next step in the workflow.

Files and images may be uploaded in seconds and made available in DocLink right away, which is ideal for traveling employees or field services.

Smart Forms

Personalise DocLink To Fit Unique Processes & Needs With Smart Forms

The DocLink Smart Form Toolkit distinguishes itself by allowing users to create their own unique DocLink UI for gathering data required to process and approve papers, rapidly see related documents, and even create new documents.

Take pictures of receipts as soon as they are recieved. Then, to pick receipts and generate expenditure report, utilize an Expense Report Smart Form. The expenditure reports are immediately collected in DocLink, and the data may be imported straight into the ERP after coding and approval, reducing mistakes and duplicate data entry.

Credit card CSV data may be imported into a Credit Card Smart Form, which can then be transformed into individual statements for each cardholder. The statements are immediately indexed in DocLink, and the transaction data may be imported straight into the ERP following coding and approval.

There are numerous phases and papers involved in the employee onboarding process. Use a Smart Form to rapidly see and collect extra documentation for employee files, as well as to enter and track data.

When users need to add a new vendor to their ERP, use a Smart Form to create a request that can be routed for approval and processing along with the necessary backup documentation.

DocLink ERP Integration Options

Work with any document for any process anywhere you need
Experience seamless integration with Acumatica

Sage and Acumatica Brochures

Altec - DocLink for Sage Brochure

Altec - DocLink for Acumatica Brochure

DocLink Deployment Options

DocLink offers a solution for users, whether they’re shifting everything to the cloud, maintaining everything on-premise, or doing a combination of both. By delivering the same solution with three deployment options, Altec gives users the flexibility they need today and in the future.




DocLink Cloud Overview

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you have options with DocLink. Implement your way, at your pace. There’s no software to install or servers to manage. With minimal investment, your document management can be up and running in no time with DocLink Cloud.

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