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Acumatica has made our financial systems much more efficient. It provides us one integrated system with accurate sales and revenue information providing detailed financial reports that will allow us to accelerate our growth.

When it comes to the manufacturing business, every small detail counts — that is why automated data capture is a key tool in this industry. Not only is it a way to save time for your staff, it also helps prevent manual data entry errors — and can even enhance your customer service by allowing you to manage inventory from a single location.

Explore the benefits of automated data capture (ADC) before your competitors do. This playbook from Acumatica will get you started.

In this playbook, you’ll find out:

You’ll also learn how to achieve automated efficiency with Acumatica. This practical, easy-to-read playbook will accelerate your path to greater automation throughout your manufacturing operations.

This playbook is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

Acumatica Automated Data Capture (ADC) for Manufacturers

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