Inventory, Common Information and eBusiness Enhancements

Inventory, COMMON INFORMATION and eBusiness Enhancements

I/M Item Inquiry by Company (IMCI)

This enhances Inventory Item Inquiry, to allow display of Warehouse Quantity information for ALL Company Codes on a single panel.

I/M Miscellaneous Item Delete/ Change (IMCM)

The I/M Delete and Change Items Utility for Sage 100 has been enhanced to also allow for Delete, Renumber, and Merge of Miscellaneous Item Numbers.

I/M InstaDocs (IMDM)

Inventory Management InstaDocs allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within Sage 100 ERP.

I/M Rebuild Inventory History (IMFX)

This is rebuild utility is designed to rebuild the Inventory Item Sales History and Customer Item Sales History files.

I/M Inventory Item Synchronization (IMIC)

Allows the user adding new inventory items in Item Maintenance, to automatically copy those new items to other company’s Inventory Masterfile.

I/M Item Pricing Copy (IMIP)

A new button has been added to the Main Panel called “Copy Pricing”.  When this button is selected, it will allow entry of an existing Item Number (with lookup capability) and that item’s pricing records from the IMB Pricing file will REPLACE the existing records.

I/M Lot/ Serial Traceability (IMLS)

This adds the ability to track lot and serial number components and which parent items they were produced into from Bill of Materials Production Entry. You are then able to trace these items through to which S/O Invoice they were shipped on.

I/M Lot/ Serial User-Defined Fields (UDF) (IMLU)

Designed to allow for entry and maintenance of User-Defined Fields (UDFs) for Lot and Serial Items.

I/M Multi-Currency (IMMC)

This module fully integrates with the Multi-Currency/International Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable modules. The I/M Multi-Currency enhancement provides the Sage 100 user with the ability to set up a different price and cost for each item per Currency.

I/M Multi-Company Inventory Transaction (IMMU)

This DSD Enhancement to the Inventory Management module adds the ability to transfer inventory from one company and warehouse in Sage 100 to another.

I/M Next Item Number (IMNI)

This enhancement creates an Automatic Next Item Number option in Inventory Item Maintenance.

I/M Extended Price Codes (IMPC)

Facilitates the definition of 20 quantity breaks for each price code level, instead of the existing 5 breaks.

I/M Expanded Price Levels 10-Character (IMXL)

Standard Sage 100 only allows for upper-case Price Levels, which means that you only have 36 Price Levels available (A-Z, 0-9). This enhancement changes the Price Level to a 10-character Upper-Case field, allowing you an almost unlimited number of Price Levels.

I/M Alternate Unit of Measure (IM-1038)

Adds an Alternate Unit of Measure (AUM), and Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) to Product Line Maintenance and Item Maintenance..

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