Sage 100 Enhancements for Accounts Payable

A/P Alphanumeric Divisions (APAD)

Changes the Accounts Payable Division Number to an alphanumeric field, allowing 00-ZZ. Standard Sage 100 ERP only allows for numeric Divisions, which means only Division Numbers 00-99 are available.

A/P Batch Check Entry (APBC)

Adds a batch processing feature to Accounts Payable Invoice Payment Selection and Accounts Payable Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance Entry.

A/P Cash Basis (APCB)

Transforms Sage 100 Accounts Payable from an Accrual Basis to a Cash Basis system. Invoices are expensed when a Check is entered and updated.

A/P InstaDocs (APDM)

Accounts Payable InstaDocs allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within Sage 100.

A/P Expense Distribution Entry (APDT)

This allows the user to simplify and automate frequently utilized General Ledger Distributions for A/P Invoice Data Entry.

A/P Expanded Check Number (APEC)

Increases the check number field to 10-characters. All data dictionaries, Entry panels, and Reports have been modified accordingly.

A/P California Reporting DE-542 (APIC)

Report A/P Vendors that meet the requirements of the State of California for DE-542 reporting.

A/P Joint Vendor Check (APJC)

Joint Vendor Check allows A/P Checks to be printed with two payees.

A/P Subcontractor License Expiration Checking (APLC)

This enhancement is used for tracking vendor licenses and expiration dates and for preventing payment to those vendors with expired licenses or policies.

A/P Multi-Currency (APMC)

This enhancement modifies Accounts Payable to allow Invoice Entry, Manual Check Entry, Check Printing, Inquiries and Report Printing in any currency.

A/P Manual Check Printing (APMP)

Adds the ability for A/P Manual Check to be printed. The checks can be entered manually in Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry or imported into Manual Check Entry from another source using Visual Integrator.

A/P Multi-Company Reporting (APMR)

The new Multi-Company Aged Invoice, Trial Balance, Payment History, Monthly Purchase, Cash Requirement and Vendor Purchase Analysis Reports will have the following capabilities:

(1) An additional range of Company Codes to the selection criteria, and (2) A new Company Code field to the work files.

A/P Multi-Company (APMU)

This allows a managing company’s Accounts Payable department to process A/P transactions for an unlimited number of “subsidiary” companies.

A/P Master Vendor (APMV)

Allows check payment to a single Master Vendor for invoices from that Master Vendor and its affiliates (Sub-Vendors). When paying invoices, whether by Manual Check or Check Data Entry, invoices for a Master Vendor’s Sub-Vendors can be selected, as well as invoices for the Master Vendor itself.

A/P Next Vendor Number (APNV)

This DSD Enhancement creates a Next Vendor Number option in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance, Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry and Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry.

A/P Spanish Check Printing (APSC)

Print check amounts and check dates in Spanish using a specified currency name. This enhancement works in both standard Check Printing and Manual Check Printing.

A/P Invoice Bank Coding (AP-1011)

Provides the ability to code A/P invoices with a Bank Code during data entry. This Bank Code can be used as an additional selection criterion during Invoice Payment Selection, Check Maintenance, Check Printing, and the Aged Invoice Report.

A/P Multi-Companies/Divisions on Checks (AP-1016)

Allows a single Accounts Payable check to be generated to pay on-file invoices for the same Vendor number in multiple divisions and/or multiple companies.

A/P Custom Comment Posting to Job Cost (AP-1020)

Allows you to determine the contents of the posting comment to the Job Cost transaction detail file.

A/P Division Number by Distribution Line (AP-1046)

Adds the ability to ‘allocate’ distribution lines on Accounts Payable invoices to multiple divisions. Individual invoices, one invoice per division, are then automatically created.

A/P Security by Division Number (AP-1058)

Adds security by Division to specific locations in Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Inventory.

A/P Multi-Company Check Processing (AP-1073)

Adds individual company check processing for multiple Sage 100 companies from one Company Code.

A/P Retain Paid Invoices for 9,999 Days (AP-1076)

Allows the retention of paid and zero balance invoices for up to 9,999 days.

A/P Alternate Path for Check Forms (AP-1079)

This enhancement allows you to specify an alternate path for the check forms used in Check Printing, Manual Check Printing, and Extended Stub Printing.

A/P Cost Code Default from Vendor in Invoice Entry (AP-1082)

Default the value in a Custom Office Vendor UDF to the Cost Code field for the first line on an Invoice or Manual Check that references a Job Number. 

A/P Multi-Company Vendor Synchronization (AP-1085)

Synchronizes Vendor information across multiple companies.

A/P Multi-Company Manual Check Update (AP-1097)

Provides the ability to print and update manual check registers for multiple companies simultaneously.

A/P Terms Codes with Multiple Due Dates (AP-1107)

This enhancement to the Accounts Payable module allows an unlimited number of due dates and a corresponding percentage of the invoice amount to be assigned to designated terms codes during A/P Invoice Entry.

A/P Invoice Import Utility for Panda (AP-1112)

Provides a direct import of a CSV formatted file into Accounts Payable Invoice Data.

A/P Tax Detail Edit for A/P Invoice Entry (AP-1114)

Allows the Total Purchase amount to be separated into taxable and non-taxable amounts on Accounts Payable Invoices.

A/P Auto A/R Invoice Creation from A/P Invoice Entry (AP-1117)

Creates A/R Invoices from A/P Invoices when the A/P Invoice Distribution Account is in a Setup-specified range. The creation of A/R Invoices occurs as part of the A/P Invoice Register update.

A/P Invoice Date as General Ledger Posting Date (AP-1118)

This DSD enhancement posts G/L Daily Postings from the A/P Invoice Register Update using the A/P Invoice Date.

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