Warehouse Management System

Acumatica’s Warehouse Management System decreases errors, creates more transactions, and enhances efficiency.

How Warehouse Management can work for you?

As part of Acumatica’s distribution edition, WMS is also integrated with Acumatica’s Commerce Edition to manage all your warehouse needs with precision and ease. Built for warehouse needs in wholesale, manufacturing, retail and other industries.


EDI Software

Using third-party EDI software, ensure your WMS is EDI compliant. This includes 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN), to electronically communicate the contents of a shipment.

Serial Number Tracking

Stay on top of your shipping with tracking. Serial and lot numbers are scanned and printed on the pick list and packing slip.

Automated Distribution

Bring automation to routine picking, packing, PO receiving, putting away, transferring, and physical counting processes with tailored workflows and form modes. Eliminate the risk of human error and training costs.

Hands-Free Operation

Preprinted smart scan sheets allow warehouse workers to perform all necessary system interactions with just a scanner. Scan sheets to complete shipment, next/previous box, and/or remove item. Audible and visual indicators and warnings provide immediate feedback when wrong items or more units than purchased are scanned.


Pick, Pack and Ship:

Pick – 

  • Create pick lists and packing slips
  • Barcode generation expedited picking process
  • Barcodes on pick lists prevent picking items not included in the order

Pack – 

  • Ensure safe package transport with correct package sizing and packaging
  • Barcode scanning ensure accurate order completion
  • Fix errors like amount, weight, items, etc. with ease
  • Automated with digital scale and printer to automatically weigh and print labels and packing slips.

Ship – 

  • Select shipping provider: UPS, USPS, FedEx
  • Ensure prompt pickup through your preferred carrier
  • Automate shipment label generation
  • Set up automatic tracking on all shipments.
  • Notify customers of shipment progress through each stage of order fulfillment

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