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APS Payments

APS Payments A Repay Company
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Gain access to integrated and flexible payment solutions applicable to any business

Integration and Flexibility

APS Payments is a highly trusted gateway, processor, and integrator used daily by thousands of merchants  to save time and money during payment processing.

PCI/DSS Compliant
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Advantages Of APS Payments

With Level 3 processing you receive discounted rates on B2B transactions with Visa and MasterCard. On average, mid-sized businesses save $18,000 annually with Level 3 processing. 

APSPAYS Vault gives you the capability to safely and securely store customer payment credentials for use in the future. Reporting tools for reconciliation as well as a PCI/DSS compliant gateway are included. 

With EMV integration your business will have decreased transaction fees, chargeback risk, and counterfit chargebacks.

ClickToPay gives your business a secure way for customers to pay invoices with a single click. 

Improve your B2B transactions with ClickToPay Direct to reduce chargeback replies  to 72 hours all while allowing customers to make secure transfers.