Celebrating Jim Woodhead: 30 Years with DSD Today!

Jim with his father, Jim, who is credited with securing the DSD employment offer for Jim!

Happy 30th Anniversary to Jim Woodhead!

Over 30 years have passed since a 23 year-old kid sat in front of DSD Founder Doug Deane, asking him to trust him… but it didn’t quite resonate until Jim’s father called to reassure Doug that Jim really was worthy of the role.

To this day, both Big Jim and Little Jim remain an integral part of the DSD family and today we celebrated thirty years of Woodhead family contribution to DSD at our North America HQ in San Diego.

Sage 100 Director of Professional Services Jim Woodhead's calendar entry 30 years ago!
The actual calendar entry of Jim’s interview: February 16th 1989

Although he had a few interviews that week, Jim knew that day he interviewed with Doug was special. He felt it so special, in fact, that he actually kept the calendar organizer where his DSD interview and others throughout San Diego were neatly scheduled.

Through the years Jim has been vital to countless Sage projects and has seen the product and our client base grow and grow.

When asked what his top 3 career highlights have been in his 30 year tenure, Jim had trouble narrowing it down to so few!

Three favorites mentioned:

  1. Implementing Sage 100 for beloved client Sprouts Farmer’s Market,  helping them grow to the $5 Billion dollar company they are today;
  2. Traveling to Germany to service client NATO School and seeing NATO’s premier training and education facility at the operational level;
  3. Meeting his lovely wife, a former DSD-employee, while on the job.
DSD would not be the incredible organization it is today without the service, dedication and undying support Jim has given over the last three decades.

COO Kayley Bell said it best: “Thank you Jim for everything you have done and everything you will do for DSD. Please join me in a heartfelt Happy Anniversary to our very own Mr. IncrediJimble.”

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