What Are Large Companies Looking For In Accounting Software?

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Accounting software is far from a one-size-fits-all product. Despite that fact, companies of all different sizes need it to power their operations. Both very large organizations, those with 100 or more employees, and very small companies, those with a single employee, require this type of software, but large companies are often looking for very different things within their accounting software. What needs to be different for those bigger companies? Let’s take a look.

Local Installations Only

The cloud offers some undeniable perks to companies large and small alike, but large companies tend to stay away from cloud installations. A quick look at the sheer number of security breaches over the past shows why, too. Many of the big news breaches have involved the cloud, and the larger the company, the larger the risk. A 2018 Software Connect report found that large companies were 41% less likely to express a preference for cloud software, preferring to stick to locally hosted options.

Additional Features

Larger companies also need slightly more advanced capabilities with their accounting software. In fact, (according to…) they were 72% more likely to need a business intelligence component. Additionally, the study found larger companies would also be more likely to be on the lookout for software that included fixed assets capabilities, fund accounting, and procurement. Overall, they simply need software that goes the extra mile.

Large or small, DSD can help your company come up with the right accounting software. To learn more about what we offer and how we can match a product to meet your company’s needs, contact us today.

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