Do I Really Need HR Software to Become Fully ACA-Compliant?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is several years old, but it’s still causing problems for some businesses. Failure to comply with the strict rules of the ACA has resulted in significant penalties to employers around the country. Most businesses put their human resources (HR) execs in charge of ACA compliance. With so much on their plates already, however, HR staff may feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of this responsibility. The solution? ACA compliance software.

Get the Facts on ACA Compliance

When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, he gave employers several years to meet its complicated requirements. Unfortunately, the deadline came too soon for many employers across multiple industries. These employers are now facing penalties such as thousands of dollars in fines. The ACA mandates strict rules, regarding healthcare affordability, employee benefits, IRS tax filing, and more. Any given employer has to fill out stacks of paperwork to comply.

If you’re one of many businesses still struggling to implement ACA compliance into your HR department, don’t panic. Over the years, innovative software companies have developed simple solutions to help employers address each and every ACA requirement. You no longer have to recruit and train special employees just to handle ACA compliance, or expose yourself to hefty penalties. HR software can achieve the same amount of work and more at a fraction of the time and expense of performing these tasks internally.

The Benefits of Using HR Software for ACA Compliance

Minimum policy standards, employee health benefits, Medicaid and Medicare…the list of elements involved in ACA compliance is enormous. The ACA significantly impacts almost every aspect of HR decision-making. Instead of tackling these issues on your own, shift the burden to proven ACA compliance software solutions. The right HR software can provide attractive benefits such as:

  • Customized ACA compliance solutions
  • Data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Fulfillment of extensive ACA reporting requirements
  • Navigate tax codes and IRS laws
  • Account for a number of small and large details
  • Seamless integration of ACA compliance into HR tasks
  • Additional HR services, such as payroll and labor management

Software systems like the InfinityHR suite and the Sage HRMS platform can ensure ACA compliance within your institution. They can also help your human resources team improve recruitment, onboarding, training, and other procedures with tailored HR services.

Transform Your Workforce Today

InfinityHR provides exceptional workforce management solutions in the field of human capital management, automating HR and benefits processes. Sage HRMS manages key HR and payroll challenges while providing ACA compliance solutions designed specifically for midsized companies. These are two excellent software choices that have transformed hundreds of businesses around the country.

If you’re still on the fence about implementing ACA compliance software, consider the many benefits this solution can bring your company. You can meet the special needs of your business and fulfill the lengthy requirements of the Affordable Care Act simultaneously. The ACA might feel like an imposition on your team, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Make a change with a simple software solution.

InfinityHR, Sage HRMS, and other software systems can take the stress out of ACA compliance and complex HR tasks. Make choosing your HR software a breeze with this comparison guide!

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