5 Ways HR Software Makes Onboarding a Breeze

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You feel like you scoured the globe to find your new employee. You recruited from the far corners of the earth and conducted endless interviews to find the perfect fit. Finally, you hired the right candidate. The next part of the process is onboarding. While some companies still do onboarding by hand, HR onboarding software prevents costly mistakes and avoids employee dissatisfaction. Make a good first impression and get your new hire to work right away by streamlining the process.

First Impressions Count

Onboarding begins right after your new hire accepts the job.

  • Make a good first impression by engaging them through HR onboarding software.
  • Use customizable email templates to keep in touch with the applicant throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Ensure Compliance

Onboarding requires a lot of paperwork and the list of required documents is constantly being changed and updated. HR onboarding software makes it easy to keep up. A solution like Sage HRMS streamlines these processes.

  • Software ensures compliance and helps minimize the risk of problems with government regulations.
  • Regular legislative updates happen automatically to help you avoid fines, penalties and lawsuits.

Go Paperless

When new employees complete paperwork and drop it off with the HR department, someone has to input that information. Over 50 percent of a human resource department’s time is spent processing paperwork and answering questions. The new employee spends time filling out forms and a separate person spends more time putting it into the system. Both people might make mistakes or neglect to fill in key information.

Here’s what happens when you use solutions like Infinity HR’s cloud-based Human Capital Management Solution to automate all HR related activities. HR onboarding software lets new hires enter their own information, so it only has to happen once. Since your human resources department spends less time on data entry, personnel are free to handle other responsibilities.

Enable Employee Self-Service

HR onboarding software integrates payroll, benefits, and talent development.

  • Employees feel in control. Software gives easy access to their HR and payroll information so they can access information about vacation time, pay history, and other personal information.
  • Benefits enrollment can be automated. Employees can self-enroll in benefit programs, review their coverage, and report life changes.
  • Choices and plans are presented clearly. The system walks them through eligibility requirements and helps them choose the plan that’s right for them.

There’s never a need for paperwork or duplicate data entry. At the end of the enrollment period, your company can use data to project costs for the future.

Increase Flexibility

HR has the ability to customize forms to meet the needs of your business. Employees can access and complete forms at any time before they start work.

Onboarding Made Easy

Using HR onboarding software frees HR personnel from unnecessary paperwork. It promotes employee engagement by letting them enter their own data and be actively involved in payroll and benefit interactions. It also reduces costs and makes sure your business complies with government rules and regulations.

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