Excel-Based Reporting for Acumatica

Velixo Reports is an Excel-based reporting tool designed by Acumatica experts just for Acumatica. Velixo Reports gives Excel a new toolbar with over 60 capabilities tailored to General Ledger, Project Data, and Generic Inquiries.

With features like Smart Drilldown, Smart Refresh, Writeback, Consolidations, and Advanced Security, Velixo is the best reporting solution for Acumatica. It provides a tight integration and utilizes the unique capabilities of Acumatica’s Cloud ERP.

It’s straightforward yet effective implementation benefits a whole workforce, allowing companies to make better decisions. Users  can do it if they know Excel!

Velixo Excel

Easily Connect Excel to Your Acumatica Data

Always Live and
Lightning Fast

Velixo for Acumatica

Flexibility of Excel with the Power of Acumatica Analytical Reports

The Velixo Difference

Zero Learning curve

If you know how to use Excel, then you know how to use Velixo Reports. As easy as Excel, as powerful as Acumatica Analytical Reports.

Peace of Mind

Backed by the worldwide network and expertise of Acumatica partners. The automatic updater guarantees users get the most up-to-date features and enhancements at all times. An online community and a self-service help site are available.

Grow without worry

Users can give access to anybody who needs it at no extra cost with the unlimited user license. Give an entire team access to up-to-date information.

Reports, Features, and Capabilities

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