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Let NETSTOCK show you how to take your Acumatica inventory to the next level

NETSTOCK offers Acumatica customers an optimized inventory solution that is affordable and takes their inventory management to the next level. Offering inventory-based companies a sophisticated yet easy to use, cloud-based tool.

The benefits include a reduction in excess inventory, minimized stock-outs, and optimal purchase orders produced in minutes. This results in increased profits by freeing working capital, reducing carrying costs, higher sales, and improved productivity.


Save time on planning, forecasting and ordering


Retain customers and increase sales


Release cash that is tied up in excess inventory

Where Netstock Extends Acumatica's Functionality
Acumatica manages many aspects for your warehouse, including:
Acumatica Functionality

Core Features Available In Acumatica

Enable A More Dynamic View
Dynamic view
Looking at suppliers’ previous track record:

Having this information enables you to trigger accurate re-order dates and calculate accurate safety stock calculations.

Item Classifications

The ABC classification method divides your items into A, B, and C categories (How you split up your ABC is unique to each business)

A being the most valuable (Top 80%)
B being the average valuable (Next 15%)
C being the least valuable (Last 5%)

The HML analysis classifies by sales velocity (number of unit sales)

H items are your fast movers
M your medium
L your slow movers

Key Integration Features

Dashboards To Manage By Exception

KPIs to measure how you're progressing over time and exceptions lists to highlight items that require attention immediately are the only ways to stay on top of inventory performance.

Classify Items To Focus Resources

Sort items by value and velocity to keep your attention and working capital focused on the items that make the most difference to your bottom line.

Forecast With Ease

Plan for tomorrow by understanding what you'll sell today. Forecasts made by computers take the tedium out of day-to-day operations. For the best projections, combine this with market knowledge from your sales staff.

Orders At The Click Of A Button

With only one click, you may get optimum order recommendations based on your inventory data.

Raw Materials And Manufacturing

Order the appropriate raw materials at the right time and in the right amounts to meet the anticipated demand for final goods.

Procure Centrally, Then Distribute

Direct sales from the central warehouse and rolled-up demand from all sub-locations are covered by orders at the central warehouse.


The NETSTOCK Dashboard tracks all of the key indicators you’ll need to properly manage your inventory, including stock-holding and why you’re overstocked, as well as Fill Rate and why you’re not serving your clients as well as you might be.

Measure Inventory Holding

Compare your existing stock holdings to an ideal model in real time.

The dashboard shows you all of the things that you’re overstocked, which contributes to your large stockpile.

An early warning system that alerts you to Purchase Orders that will exacerbate the overstocking situation.

Fill Rate Performance

Keep track of how well you’re actually serving your consumers as opposed to what you’re aiming for.

Instantly observe which goods are sold out, resulting in a loss of sales.

Receive notifications when goods are on the verge of becoming out of stock.

Monitor Top Items

Even if there are hundreds of things that contribute to an issue, concentrating on simply the top five will have an instant beneficial impact.

When looking at issue items, look at the Classification of each item to make an informed conclusion. Stocking out of a low-volume item isn’t as awful as stocking out of a high-volume A-item.

Monitor Trends

Each KPI in Sage Inventory Advisor is graphed over time.

Gives you the confidence to make smart company ideas.


You’re probably focusing on urgent issues rather than essential projects if you feel like you’re constantly putting out inventory fires. Working on critical jobs helps you to make sound decisions and move the company ahead.

Automatically Classify

Eliminate obsolete items and put the non-stocked items into a separate category

Classify items into A, B and C categories, based on future sales and cost or margin

20% of the items make 80% of the sales

High Velocity Items

Some items are not high revenue generators, but they move fast

These important items get their own classification, so you can focus on them

Powerful Classification Matrix

Your bread-and-butter items which warrant most of your resources

Items that contribute nothing but noise to your business. Consider rationalizing this portfolio of items

Special items you should plan for in a different way to your normal items

High Level Policy

Specify how much investment you want to make into each category via the Target Fill Rate setting

Determine how often you want to review and order each category with the Replenishment Cycle setting

NETSTOCK will automatically generate optimal ordering plans based on your desired Inventory Policy

Urgent VS Important

Everywhere an item is displayed in NETSTOCK you see the item’s classification

Knowing where an item fits into the matrix allows you to determine if the problem you’re dealing with is Urgent or Important

Fight fewer fires on items that just don’t matter


Advanced forecasting leads to higher customer satisfaction while using less inventory: Produce accurate sales projections that account for seasonality and trends. Locate trouble locations quickly. Assess the overall findings quickly and communicate with sales and senior management.

Forecasting summary

Process & Tools

Finds seasonality and trends automatically and creates a reliable baseline forecast

Easily identifies problem items and lets you apply your business insight and knowledge to get the best results

Feeds into the inventory
planning and levels

Inventory Holding

Automatically selects the most effective formula for each product each month

Uses a visual interface that allows you to easily identify inventory issues

Allows you to make the final adjustment and override results with your business insight


Get an accurate picture with top-down visual summaries

Make quick adjustments at an aggregate level to deal with changes

Identify Outliers

Top 5 lists let you focus on core issues quickly

Full reports allow you to go deeper as time allows

Use these lists and reports to facilitate team collaboration

Measure Inputs

Monthly over/under assessments to see how you improve over time

Individual forecast risk drives the buffer stock calculations

Stock level reacts to your forecast accuracy per product per warehouse


It doesn’t matter how well you classify, forecast, or create an ideal stocking policy if you don’t follow it. Every order is driven by NETSTOCK’s Recommended Order Schedule, which aims to achieve the most balanced, optimal inventory holding.

Order summary

Prioritize Orders

Scan rapidly through the suppliers that need ordering from. Action the most pressing Purchase Orders first.

Ideal Purchase Order

NETSTOCK’s recommendation is always perfectly aligned with your stocking policy. The order ensures that the correct inventory lands in the warehouse at exactly the right time.

Supplier Shutdown

Panic around events like Chinese New Year is a thing of the past. Simply look forward the desired amount of time and order today what you would have had to order during the shutdown.

Swiftly Review Orders

Review and revise only those orders where you have additional insight or issues that the computer would not know about. Review the highest value spend more closely to get the best value for your spend.

Intelligently Fill Containers

If the ideal order doesn’t quite fill a container, you can top-up the order with items that will come up for re-ordering soon, instead of mindlessly adding future excess.

Integrate With ERP

With a single click, the ideal order gets executed in the ERP*. No manual, error-prone capturing of data needed.

*For certified ERP systems


Is it difficult to see the bill of materials flow through from the need for completed goods? Do you have too much of some components and raw materials while running short of others? Do you wish you could evaluate and change proposed manufacturing/purchasing plans with ease?


BOM Explosions

Explodes demand from finished goods forecasts through multi-level bill of materials to components and raw materials.

Shows dependent demand consumption by contributing finished goods and total for the raw material/component.

Maintain Right Stock Levels

Factor in the risk of inaccurate forecasts for the next level up products in the BOM structure and avoid running out of components and raw materials needed to keep production running.

Flag phantom assemblies used to make the production process more visible in order to blow through that demand without building stock.

Flexible Manufacturing Plans

Manufacturers don’t normally change the production plans every day, but traditional re-order point ordering and planning assumes that you do.

This disconnect leads to emergency changes and rushed jobs, which hurts production, stock and your team.

NETSTOCK minimizes changes needed by using a “Look forward days” to factor in the period until the next planning can take place.

Amending the look forward cover for just a week increases the items due for ordering and the panel indicates the impact on lines, units, value, weight and volume so you can better understand and plan.

Once you’ve confirmed the order report, your schedule is created for review and confirmation.

  • Look at the visual graphics for sales and forecasts to identify unexpected patterns or anomalies.
  • Drill into the item for a more detailed understanding if needed.
  • See how the levels vary by day for a year into the future to better understand the orders being projected.


Even tiny businesses have a complicated supply chain. NETSTOCK aids you with order management at all levels of your supply chain. As a result, the correct inventory is available at the right moment in each node.

distributing summary

Demand Flows Up

From your customers to your retail outlet, to your central Distribution Center to your supplier. Whether it is forecast demand or firm Customer Orders, the correct demand will flow all the way through to your supplier

Lead Times And Risks

Every link between nodes in your supply chain can have different Lead Times. And the supply risk between each node is measured continuously. An appropriate Safety Stock is then set at each node, ensuring that your Fill Rate objectives are met everywhere.

Place Orders Confidently

Every time you place an order on your external suppliers, you are guaranteed that the demand in the entire supply chain is intelligently taken into account.

Inventory Transfer

Create transfer orders from your locations onto your DC-based on calculated demand and risk profiles. Don’t just use historical deliveries to drive this as demand patterns and risks change all the time.

Emergency StockOuts

Create visibility at each node in the supply chain of not only what stock is elsewhere, but the status of that stock. This makes it far more effective to identify where stock can be moved from and helps reduce the overall excess at the same time.

Customer Testimonials

By reducing our inventory costs by over R40 million, we were able to optimize our working capital and use this elsewhere in the growth of the business.


More about NETSTOCK

NETSTOCK is a global software development, sales and support organization with substantial operations in Africa, Europe, the UK, Australia, and North America. With decades of deep domain knowledge in the area of Inventory Optimization, we are focused on providing sophisticated yet easy to use tools deployed in a SaaS model for businesses of all sizes — worldwide.

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