Sage Foundation Partner Program

DSD is proud to partner with the Sage Foundation

The Sage Foundation unifies colleagues and partners in a global program of social change philanthropy, transforming lives to support economic stability and social equality. 

All DSD employees are encouraged to volunteer or fundraise for a charity close to their hearts. 

Top Tips for Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering opportunities

The catalyst games $50,000 giveaway 

Virtual Volunteering with the Sage Foundation

The Sage Foundation supports tens of thousands of people in local communities through more than 1,000 charities around the world.

In particular, the Sage Foundation takes action to increase opportunities for fulfillment among young people, women, and military veterans to drive innovation, enhancing access to education, workforce development and exposure to entrepreneurship. 

Sage Foundation has been successfully operating its foundation for over 4 years. With the institutional knowledge and best practices to help our philanthropic program thrive, we are excited to jin their 

Volunteering during COVID-19

In these difficult times, the Sage Foundation has had to temporarily move away from face-to-face activity to a new way of working, with lots of remote and online volunteering opportunities.

These include opportunities to directly support front line efforts to fight COVID-19 as well as other opportunities that are fun, impactful and engaging. 

Because remote and online volunteering is done at home or on your computer, volunteers have the flexibility to do these activities on any date and for any length of time to fit into their busy schedules. 

Take a look at the Event Listing page here for full details of the opportunities currently available.

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Chimp & See

Join Sage Partners From Around the World in Online Volunteering! This opportunity will allow you to help provide data to scientists studying animal behavior.

You will send them data based on what you see in videos captured on cameras setup in the wild.

Click HERE to get started.

Rainbows for Change

Using the provided templates, or getting creative and creating your own color rainbow scenes to raise money for charity.

As you create the colorful pages, snap each one and send it to and then you can hang them on your wall as a nice background for all of you video calls!

Once you sign up, you’ll get your pack with all the details!

ATLANTA ONLY: Make Care Kits at Home

Helping Mamas needs your help putting together kits for newborns and toddlers. They have included guidelines on what to put in each kit, but feel free to get creative and have fun!


Learn More HERE

Write Letters to Deployed Military and Veterans

Sage Foundation is partnering with Soldiers’ Angels to deliver letters of hope and inspiration to deployed military and veterans during this uncertain and difficult time.

Once you’ve written the letters, you can send them to Soldiers’ Angels headquarters at the address below, where they will be included in care packages being sent to US military and veterans around the world.

Learn more HERE 


Join DSD & Sage Foundation in the Catalyst Games!

What are the Catalyst Games?

The Catalyst Games are an opportunity for the Sage Foundation Partners and Colleagues to come together, have a blast in some friendly competition, and give back to our local community.

DSD is partnering with the Sage Foundation to give away $50,000 to worthy nonprofits all across the US!


September 8th - October 1st

Virtual Volunteer Month
You’ll be receiving a full menu of options from 8 different nonprofits for ways to volunteer virtually. Each individual team member can volunteer as much they’re able during the month.

October 5th - October 23rd

Let The Games Begin!
After volunteering in September, we’ll adopt a nonprofit to be our team beneficiary. Then as a team we’ll compete with other teams in trivia, the cookie relay, and virtual escape room.

Thursday, November 12th

Awards Ceremony & Party
We will be part of donating $50,000 to our participating nonprofits. They will all receive funds, but the amount will depend on the Sage Foundation team’s overall ranking based on scoring from volunteering and team games.

Interested in joining DSD’s Sage Foundation Partner team?

It’s free to join and there are unlimited spots available.

Sign up HERE and you’ll receive more information on how the games will begin!