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DSD Business Systems 2014 Year in Review

DSD Business Systems has had a pretty remarkable year in 2014.  Highpoints include launching new products, changing our office location, and celebrating a milestone year.  As 2015 approaches, we’d like to reflect on what an amazing year it has been.  Here is a list of top 5 highlights from 2014….

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Increasing the Value of a Small Business

Earlier this summer, I attended an interesting session at Sage Summit 2014 that was led by columnist, author, and small business owner Gene Marks. An energetic and entertaining speaker, Gene shared 10 things to do that will increase the value of your business. As Gene explained each item on his…

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Social Networking The Old Fashioned Way!

As I started to sift through my various social media accounts this morning, I had a bit of an epiphany on the importance of “in person” meetings.  As people increase their use of email, social media and phone calls at work, they often forget the importance of social networking…the old…

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