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How to Avoid 10 Crucial Excel Spreadsheet Pitfalls

What starts as a simple Microsoft Excel typo can lead to massive spreadsheet pitfalls: company-wide public misstatements, billion-dollar losses, tarnished reputations, and career terminations. While that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not.  At least one mistake is present in 70–80% of US spreadsheets, and the ramifications can be severe. Types…

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How to Perform an ROI Analysis for an ERP System

When you’re trying to sell your senior leadership on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, keeping your return on investment calculations as simple as possible can be an asset. But when it comes to actually choosing an ERP system (e.g., Acumatica ERP) balancing the bottom line benefits against the initial…

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How to Plan for the Ongoing Costs of an ERP System

It’s no secret that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems represent a major investment in both time and money. What is less well known is that systems like Sage ERP and other robust online accounting software suites come with continuing costs that can be highly variable. A number of factors will…

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