Tag: Human Resources

Managing Change After HR Software Implementation

Deciding to implement HR software in your company is a big step forward. it means addressing many of the problems within your company with a single solution that can completely shift the way you do business and result in time and financial savings. Implementing HR software across your company isn’t…

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The Facts About ACA Reporting Requirements

The time to start preparing for ACA reporting requirements was yesterday… If you have not started, don’t worry, however the time is definitely now.  Reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were delayed for a year, however, the IRS issued their final regulations in March of this 2014. Employers…

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A Guide to The Perfect Dress Code

A company’s dress code often defines the culture, productivity and morale of a company.  When it comes to deciding on a dress code, you must find the perfect balance that fits with your company’s field of work and culture.  It’s important for employees to feel comfortable, but you also important…

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