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Solver specializes in providing world-class financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis with push-button access to all data sources that drive company-wide profitability. BI360 is available for cloud and on-premise deployment, focusing on four key analytics areas.


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Key Products


Solver Reporting provides powerful, business-user-friendly financial and operational reporting whether users are in the office or working remotely, on-premise or in the cloud.


With self-service Solver Planning, users can get rid of laborious planning procedures and back-and-forth communications to receive contemporary, dynamic budgets and projections.


Solver Dashboards provide easy-to-understand insights into the health of users' businesses, allowing better strategy, whether they're an executive or a coordinator.

Data Warehouse

The Solver Data Warehouse connects the links between disparate data sources, allowing users to combine corporate data into a single, easy-to-use, high-performance platform.


Automate and Streamline Your Reporting & Consolidation

Solver’s cloud suite includes contemporary, dynamic reporting as well as pre-built connectors with on-premise and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Solver’s report writer combines cloud-connected Excel report creation with a contemporary browser-based online interface to deliver strong financial and operational reporting capabilities in a range of layouts and presentation formats to finance professionals and end-users.

Power-users can generate almost any sort of report template with Solver’s cloud-connected, market-leading Excel add-in. As a consequence, executives and department heads may run dynamic, parameter-driven reports on-demand via Solver’s online portal at any time and from any location using just an internet connection and a web browser.

Users can move away from manual report exports and spreadsheet formatting and toward a more contemporary, automated reporting approach. Users may update reports on demand and dive down to detail, allowing them to answer their own queries without having to call the accounting department.

Solver’s report writer provides ground-breaking collaboration capability, allowing managers to be notified of important discrepancies, quickly access and evaluate reports that show business challenges or opportunities, and immediately add questions or commentary to the reports to share fresh insights. To enhance the value of user’s organizations data, collaborate with their domestic or worldwide management.

Consolidate any number of firms, remove intercompany transactions automatically or manually, and currency convert data. Users can also use IFRS to modify GAAP and apply any other consolidation-related requirements, such as minority ownership handling and allocations.


Budget, Forecast, and Model with Diverse Data Types

The latest forecasting technology allows users to estimate their financial outcomes based on past data on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. These aspects of financial planning provide critical insights and competitive advantages for your company.

With the budgeting module in the Solver CPM Software Suite, users can manage budgets all in one place, create detailed reports and automate financial forecasts while presenting them in visual graphs and dashboards that they can share with the team.

  • Excel design, web delivery: Solver delivers input form design in a familiar cloud-connected Excel interface, while users enter data through a scalable and versatile web portal.
  • Automatic budget spreading: Spread a budget value over the period you choose, including quarterly or seasonal trends.
  • Complete budgeting and forecasting workflow: Design an automatic budgeting and forecasting workflow that passes tasks between your staff members smoothly.
  • Unlimited budget versions: Create as many versions of a budget that you need to get an accurate idea of your financial future.
  • Templates and user-defined input forms: Start with one of our predefined budget templates or create tailored input forms for faster finance planning
  • Budget in any area and at any level of detail: Add as many or as few details as you need to create the ideal budget for your organization.
  • Input budgets for multiple years, months, weeks or days: When you need to develop repeat budgets, Solver will let you input them for more than one year, month, week or day.
  • What-if analysis and modeling: Through what-if analysis and modeling features, you can test how changes in a value will impact the rest of your finances.
  • Allocations: Define allocations for critical spending areas to improve your ability to stay within budget.
  • Text comments: Clarify your budget workflows, predictions and changes with text comments.
  • Complete integration with the Solver suite: Solver’s budgeting and forecasting module integrates with its reporting, dashboard and data warehouse modules.

If you don’t have a budgeting and forecasting software, you’re likely doing all of this financial management manually in Excel or similar tools. Accurately planning your finances this way can become difficult, and presenting them to your team? Even more difficult.

Solver’s Corporate Performance Management suite solves common challenges that financial managers face such as:

  • Manual data collection: With Solver, users can automatically collect financial data so that they can focus their efforts on other tasks.
  • Reporting errors: Solver’s seamless data integration and dynamic input will keep information consistent throughout reports and budgets.
  • Miscommunication among departments: Automatic workflows will notify staff members when they need to take action so that every task gets addressed.

When you choose a budgeting and forecasting solution like Solver, you can:

  • Collect real-time, accurate data automatically
  • Track sales performance in relation to budgets and forecasts
  • Increase control of revenue and expenses
  • Compare performance with key performance indicators
  • Inform your business strategy with robust financial data


Access and Visualize Company Data for Quick Insights

Reporting and budgeting users, as well as executives, may access dashboards using Solver’s cloud-based online interface. Solver works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Power BI, the world’s most popular visualization tool. Dashboards aid in the unification of user’s most valuable assets: their people and their data. Whether users deploy on-premises or in the cloud, these sophisticated web-based dashboards let them see trends, detect concerns, and ultimately drive success. For whatever data they import to the Solver Data Warehouse, the Power BI connection and templates allow professional, near real-time dashboards.

Executive dashboards in Power BI can be highly summarized and KPI-based, but they can also be thorough operational dashboards for line managers and end users throughout the business. User’s  ERP system, as well as any other data source they feed to the Solver Data Warehouse, can provide data feeds.

The same Solver web portal that offers powerful financial and operational reporting and planning functionality with collaboration and workflow integrates Power BI dashboards, allowing teams to access, discuss, and share new insights from dashboards and combine them with financial reporting and budgeting analysis. Users may now make better decisions based on more accurate data, resulting in increased productivity across their business.

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning, and dashboard solutions with the Solver Suite and Power BI for less maintenance, ongoing training & support, and IT and consulting dependencies, all while sharing data visualizations as an accessible, impactful extension of data analysis for team members across the organization.

Data Warehouse

Leverage Consolidated Company Data for World Class Decisions

The Solver Data Warehouse is a pre-configured next-generation data warehouse based on Microsoft’s world-leading SQL Azure platform. Finally, a data warehouse that can combine some or all of a user’s transactional data sources into a single database that business users can manage. All of a user’s critical data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, can now be aggregated and made available for reporting, analysis, and dashboards.

Use a single, high-performance data warehouse platform that users can customize for company-specific analytics to use a variety of data kin A contemporary, pre-built data warehouse helps users and their team to get up and running quickly with a solution that consolidates their company’s information in this multi-cloud and multi-system enterprise IT era.

Leave aside the time-consuming, costly, and hazardous development and execution of a “homegrown” data warehouse, which typically yields lackluster results. Instead of months or years, users can implement the Solver high-performance Data Warehouse in days or weeks, at a fraction of the expense and risk of their own data warehouse project.

Utilise the versatile and customized data warehouse to store, organize, and use corporate information to reconcile multi-company financials or just bring different data sources together for better analysis. The platform is designed with business users in mind, allowing team members from different businesses to access and manage corporate data.

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I love the Solver Product. The vision I have and the progress Solver is making to develop BI360 [Solver] just gets me really excited about the potential. In one word, I would say Solver is awesome.

Ana Fonseca
Chief Financial Officer
Logix Federal Credit Union
Solver Global

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