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Fusion Software offers a customizable and dynamic suite of products and deployment options, allowing you to leverage Fusion’s solutions based on the model that best suits your business demands and budget.

Point of Sale Software by Fusion

Key Integrations

Fusion + Acumatica


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Grow your retail operation with FusionPOS

Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS™) is a full feature point of sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage your accounting system to provide centralized management in highly distributed retail environments, without sacrificing any functionality available in standalone retail solutions.


FusionPOS Features

  • All items, customers and pricing data in your accounting system are automatically shared with FusionPOS™. No manual intervention required.
  • All transactions from FusionPOS™ are automatically returned to your accounting system for final processing. Users may select the extent of their participation in the final processing as dictated by their internal policies and procedures.
  • Retail stores can transact business even when the internet connection is lost. This means increased reliability and enhanced customer experience.
  • FusionPOS™ can maintain individual customers’ transaction history without creating individual customers in your accounting system. This allows for retaining large amounts of customer-centric data critical for the analysis of buying patterns and focused marketing efforts independent of the constraints of the ERP.
  • FusionPOS allows phantom items i.e. items that exist in FusionPOS™ but does not exist in the ERP. Phantoms are derivatives of ERP items and are converted back to the stocking unit of measure for posting.
  • Fusion Enhanced Pricing module provides retail-specific, non-standard pricing models beyond the scope of conventional ERPs, including bundling, BOGO, merchandise promotions, vendor based specials, and more.
  • FusionPOS™ does not consume an ERP license. Register operations do not require a direct connection to the ERP i.e. no Citrix or Terminal Services required.
  • FusionPOS™ can be used stand-alone or easily integrated with many ERPs (Acumatica, Sage, and others). It also offers several functional modules that can be seamlessly integrated with the POS, including Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards, Campaign Promotions, Electronic Coupons, Scheduling, and other marketing automation and customer retention.

Store Manager

  • All register transactions are immediately recorded on the local Fusion installation.
  • Controls all communication between the Fusion Store Database and the Fusion Corporate Database.
  • Provides local managers access to critical store performance data.

System Manager

  • Optimize efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Allow multiple business models (retail/nance; retail/wholesale/nance) to operate simultaneously without sacrificing functionality
  • Improve visibility into all aspects of the business
  • Maximize return on the ERP and RMS investments


Embedded WMS Solution for Acumatica ERP

FusionWMS simplifies, streamlines and enhances Acumatica’s out of the box processes. Its intuitive user interface allows direct access to Acumatica’s functionality from anywhere there is an internet connection. No duplicate database, no syncing of data.

FusionWMS Features

FusionWMS™ delivers a suite of applications developed in the Acumatica framework with no duplicate database and no syncing.

FusionWMS™ does not require any local software to be installed other that on the handheld.

FusionWMS™ integrates directly with Acumatica in real time. No duplicate databases or sync processes are required.

  • FusionPOS allows phantom items i.e. items that exist in FusionPOS™ but does not exist in the ERP. Phantoms are derivatives of ERP items and are converted back to the stocking unit of measure for posting.

Fusion OnLoyalty

Gain Customers and keep them Loyal with Fusion Loyalty

More than just digital marketing, the Fusion OnLoyalty platform is a unique suite of promotion, brand management, and customer retention solutions that allow you to manage every stage of the customer journey: from acquiring new customers to tracking of shopping habits; from marketing campaigns to loyalty reward across the channels.

Fusion OnLoyalty Features

Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place.

Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place

Users will always know how to find you, whether at home or on-the-go. This function is integrated with Google Maps.

Keep your customers informed on any new promotion, store, or event.

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment.

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment

Users can effortlessly buy, send, and share gift cards directly through text messaging

The intuitive single dashboard allows you to track your gift card app usage and tweak your marketing strategy appropriately

Offers easy reload functionality, helping to ensure your patrons never have an excuse not to buy your products

eCard and physical gift card balances can be painlessly combined, further fostering transactions between you and your customers

Your customers will always know just how much they have left, or when it’s time to reload their card and continue making purchases

OnLoyalty Benefits

It’s known that existing customers spend as much as 67% more than new customers. Fusion Loyalty Program offers users a sublime set of features that engender loyaly among customers. This solution provides users with the tools to engage with your most loyal customers.

Track, analyze and manage all of your customer relationship campaigns that are easily accessed from any computing or mobile device. No more waiting for reports from third party servies or interpreting complicated technical data. This convenicen gives you more time to directly engage with your customers.

Manage and control your marketing campaigns in a single administrative dashboard. Whether it be for all of your stores or individual participating stores, you can publish directly and send your customers notifications instantly. 

Manage and publish your special events to your targeted audience. Promote one event or many. Includes geo-location, social sharing and personal calender integration.

Mobility has become one of the biggest game-changers in retail businesses today. Just having a POS system is not cutting it anymore. Fusion’s Gift Card and Loyalty were built to seamlessly extend the reach of your business to interact with your customers wherever they are. 

Fusion Software Highlights

Protected Offline

Don't sweat it if your connection is down, keep your business up and running. Fusion’s advanced architecture keeps your POS safe and running even when it is offline or allows it to run on a local network.

Multi-Platform POS

Using Fusion’s multi-outlet POS and management system, enhance your retail business. From one store to 25+ on iOS, Android and Windows.

Brand & Customer Management

Easily set up marketing and customer engagement campaigns, add Gift Cards, Loyalty program and more. Capture customer information and get real-time intelligence reports.

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