Enhance your retail operations with Fusion Software

Fusion Software offers a customizable and dynamic suite of products and deployment options, allowing you to leverage Fusion’s solutions based on the model that best suits your business demands and budget.

FusionPOS is a complete solution for those in need of centralized management in any retail environment, from simple one stores to highly distributed operations.

  • Straight forward use and easily taught 
  • Support for offers and promotions
  • Adjustable payment and multicurrency
  • No more duplicate data entry
  • Internet capabilities
  • Multiple CRM levels
  • Phantom items
  • Multiple customer types
  • Enhanced pricing
  • Multiple fulfillment types
  • Cash register and customer register
  • Versions available for Windows, iOS, and Android

FusionWMS makes the item distribution and planning simple, lowers item stock cost and provides a higher level of item availability in all of your warehouses and stores.

  • Limited footprint
  • Real time integration
  • Receiving
  • Direct put away
  • License plate and bin management
  • Hand held look-ups
  • Sales order picking
  • Wave picking
  • Shipping
  • Enhanced transfers
  • FedEx/UPS/USPS integration
  • Physical count
  • Barcode printing

 Fusion OnLoyalty platform is a one-of-a-kind suite of promotion, brand management and customer retention solutions customized to aid your customers in their customer’s journey: from gaining new customers to tracking of shopping habits; from marketing campaigns to loyalty reward across the channels.

  • Customer / Member ID card
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Digital Wallet
  • Gift Card
  • Mobile Shopping Cart
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Electronic Coupons
  • Event Calendar
  • Store / Location Directory
  • Notifications
  • CRM
  • Social Network Integration
  • Intelligence Reports & Analytics
  • iOS and Android customer apps
  • Cloud-based central administration

Protected Offline

Don't sweat it if your connection is down, keep your business up and running. Fusion’s advanced architecture keeps your POS safe and running even when it is offline or allows it to run on a local network.

Multi-Platform POS

Using Fusion’s multi-outlet POS and management system, enhance your retail business. From one store to 25+ on iOS, Android and Windows.

Brand & Customer Management

Easily set up marketing and customer engagement campaigns, add Gift Cards, Loyalty program and more. Capture customer information and get real-time intelligence reports.

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