DataSelf: Analytics for Mid-Sized Businesses


Analytics for mid-sized businesses

Sage Integration

DataSelf Analytics provides capabilities that go beyond Crystal, MS Access and Excel-based reporting, allowing users to analyze data extensively and easily.

DataSelf Sage Benefits

Rapid ROI

• Easy to use: On average, managers tackle 70% or more of their reporting needs without IT support.

• Fast: It runs reports and dashboards in seconds regardless of the size of your databases.

• It’s a virtual “consultant in a box” with 5,000 must-have reports, dashboards & KPIs.

Powerful & Affordable


DataSelf Analytics provides a wide range of high-end business intelligence benefits for Sage 100. Using industry-standard components comprised of Tableau and MS SQL Server, users can then take advantage of features such as self-service Sage BI, data discovery, in-memory analytics, budgeting, consolidation, dashboards, data mining, data warehousing, ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading), financial reporting, forecasting, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), multidimensional analysis, MS Power BI, MS Excel Pivot Table, OLAP cubes, MS Reporting Services, and MS SharePoint Integration.

Acumatica Integration

Among ERP systems, Acumatica provides one of the most empowering reporting platforms. It works great for many organizations. On the other hand, organizations looking for enterprise data warehousing and analytics will find that DataSelf Analytics takes Acumatica reporting up a notch.

DataSelf Acumatica Capabilities

DataSelf shows a 360-degree view of their business


Immediately the CEO can view:
- Cash flow projection
- Orders to ship
- Revenue
- & Several other key metrics
DataSelf dashboards reveal a wide overview of all the important areas of business.

Highlighted Insights and Possible Issues

At a glance, the dashboard will show you where the issues are and red flags draw attention to areas that need attention. For example, this red bar below quickly communicates that inventory levels are too high.

Learn about DataSelf Analytics Lite For Acumatica

Primary Benefits

Mature BI system with over 5,000 report and dashboard templates

While each business is unique, there are lots of common reporting needs that are critical across many organizations. You’ll likely find perfect answers among our 400+ reports and dashboards for customer sales, or answers will only require simple template adjustments. DataSelf templates seamlessly connect Acumatica and other ERP and CRM systems. 

flexible enterprise-grade data warehouse framework to consolidate all of your data silos

Data warehousing effectively automates repetitive manual processes, optimizes data for fast performance, and brings all of your data together for a single version of the truth. DataSelf has been refining and leveraging the latest data warehousing technology for over a decade so your team can focus on data analysis instead of data preparation. 

Deploys in a few of hours

We just need your Acumatica URL and user credentials. We’ll upload DataSelf GIs to your site and run a data refresh. You’ll be able to access your DataSelf reports and dashboards in just a few hours

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