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Civility Partners is devoted to collaborating with customers to create and provide systemic solutions to negative workplace behaviors in order to assist their business achieve its objectives. They  work with customers to create a happy, healthy workplace where their staff can thrive.

Why Choose Civility Partners?

Civility Partners doesn’t focus on eradicating issues and negativity; instead, they concentrate on finding solutions that create a safe and civil workplace – and there’s a difference. Concentrating on solutions leads to preventative and long-term transformation.

Workplace negativity and aggression are systemic. To properly eradicate them, companies need comprehensive and system-wide solutions that are suited to specific needs and focused on prevention rather than repair. And that’s exactly what Civility Partners offer!



Civility Partners employs a proprietary approach that they’ve created over the course of a decade of working with a wide range of customers. Their  program will decrease, if not completely eradicate, workplace bullying, discrimination, and/or harassment, while also fostering a pleasant and welcoming environment. They use a tried-and-true method that guarantees success.
Civility Partners offer fractional HR services to organizations who just don’t have the time to deal with all of the HR “stuff.” Office managers, executive assistants, CFOs, small business owners, and those who manage HR as part of their many other responsibilities are among the clients that use this service.



This coaching technique is meant for those who are ignorant of how their speech and conduct affect others. Individuals may swiftly gain insight into the effect of their words and actions and build non-destructive communication techniques using this highly precise, rigorous procedure.
It’s useful to know how the law defines harassment, but it’s much better to know how to intervene when it occurs. That is precisely what Civility Partners brings to the table. Their California-compliant training provides practical tools for prevention and impact to managers, supervisors, and employees across the organization.



Topics like harassment, bullying, and how each employee contributes to a company’s culture don’t have to be tough or dull. These dynamic keynotes are tailored to those looking for a more engaging method to motivate their executives and employees.
On-site training sessions on a range of topics are available to assist customers in creating a pleasant work environment. These training programs are pre-made and off-the-shelf to save time and money, but Civility Partners will customize them to fit any unique requirements.


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