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CIMcloud is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software platform that offers customers e-commerce capabilities and workers CRM features.

CIMcloud, which is designed particularly for product-centric B2B businesses and developed with full integration capabilities with existing ERP systems, may help businesses improve how they engage with their customers.

Why You Need ERP Integration

Providing consumers and workers with tools and applications is a significant asset for companies, as it allows for more effective and efficient customer interactions. But, in order for these instruments to be useful, what is actually required? Data.

These technologies are only as helpful as the information shown to (and resulting from) users, whether it’s the data required to power the application or the information that emerges from usage.

As a result, the Perfect Sync ERP integration architecture powers CIMcloud’s platform.

Think You Need E-Commerce?

Perhaps you’ve tried one of the major shopping cart systems and found it to be ineffective for your company or consumers. There’s a reason why the most popular e-commerce software packages aren’t suitable for your company: they’re all designed for B2C and consumer sales.

Think You Need CRM?

Isn’t CRM used by every business? CRM has a lot of promise: it gives sales reps more data and tools to help them sell more and build stronger client connections. Is CRM, however, able to deliver on that promise?


Users build an extra platform for customer interactions with E-commerce Storefront, which will helps users attract new consumers and provide existing customers an easy way to browse for items, as well as enhance sales and improve market visibility.

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That’s why CIMcloud’s E-commerce Storefront is built to appeal to a wide range of consumers, providing each visitor with the level of detail they require.

Most customers either
a) never tried e-commerce because it seemed too complex for their business, or
b) they’ve tried an e-commerce site that has failed because it doesn’t account for B2B specific needs.

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Customer Self-Service Portal is a secure, web-based solution that enables customers to assist themselves in whatever way they need by providing them with more insight into customer-specific information and a more convenient method to place purchases.

It employs Perfect Sync technology to show 100 percent correct data from user’s ERP on all connected devices, putting a tool at the heart of all customer interactions and eliminating the need for information to pass through salespeople.

Customer Portal

ERP Integration

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Perfect Sync is a data syncing framework that was developed with one goal in mind: to provide the best ERP integration on the market. With 100% perfect delivery of data between your ERP and our platform, and automatic detection of data changes, we’re confident that we are accomplishing that goal.

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CIMcloud has a mature, cloud-based B2B software suite that integrates with existing ERP (financial and accounting) software systems. A major component of CIMcloud is our Cloud Data and API platform.

This cloud data platform is designed to move data between all of a company’s business applications (like B2C E-Commerce platforms, marketing automation systems, native mobile apps, customer procurement systems, etc.) and existing ERP systems.

Cloud Data Hubs

CIMcloud has a cloud-based B2B software suite that integrates with existing ERP software systems. One major component of CIMcloud is their Cloud Data and API platform. This cloud data platform moves data between all of a company’s business applications and existing ERP systems.


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CIMCloud CRM helps to optimize customer interactions by leveraging the existing data in user’s ERP system and displaying this business-critical data at their employee’s fingertips. This enables them to make informed decisions on where and how to best spend their time, view essential reports at-a-glance, respond to information requests, and perform tasks on behalf of their customers such as ordering and making payments.

Best of all, reps can access all this information even when they’re not in the office, because these web-based tools work 24/7 on any connected device.

Key Integrations with Sage 100

All Sage 100 integrations are not equal - both the quality and the depth of integration matter.

Integration software is becoming increasingly important for businesses to access information in order to enable e-commerce, payment portals, and sales rep capabilities on their websites. Customers want all of their information available right now, and this data drives the customer activity tasks that are now migrating online.

CIMcloud provides 100% perfect delivery of data between Sage 100 and user’s website(s), triggered by automatic detection of data changes on either end.


Integrated B2B
Customer Portals


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