Document Management for Sage 100 by Altec

Document Management for Sage 100

Altec Document Management for Sage 100 electronically captures documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports, and forms, and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

The full suite of DocLink features and functions are available to Sage users. Previously known as Sage Document Management, DocLink is a Sage Endorsed Solution, the highest achievable certification with Sage.

The program provides extensive development resources, technical services, and strategic product and marketing benefits that help assure complete customer satisfaction with third-party applications.

Altec + Sage Overview

Doclink + Sage 100 Demo

DocLink empowers Sage 100 users to digitally transform operations for increased visibility and productivity in any department: accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, sales order processing, legal, and more.

Capture, process, retrieve and deliver documents automatically and securely. From anywhere at any time, documents can be created, processed and approved by anyone, on any device.

DocLink’s business benefits are tangible:

  • Easy access to documents
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Centrally managed document storage
  • Powerful and flexible security

By eliminating manual processes, DocLink streamlines your day-to-day tasks, providing you with complete visibility into all your processes and data. You’ll benefit by better communications with your customers, vendors and employees.

On-Premise or Cloud

Whether you’re in the cloud or on-premise, Altec has solutions to meet your needs.

The Doclink integration supports Sage products deployed on-premise and in the cloud.

PaperlessPLUS extends Sage 100 functionality by storing Paperless Office documents in the repository of DocLink.


Employees throughout your organization can be granted secure and limited access to Paperless Office documents without being given direct access to Sage 100.

automated workflow processes

Pre-configured workflows in DocLink streamline approvals and coding for vendor invoices and automatically import them into Sage 100, providing increased visibility and control at the same time.

Flexible DOcument Capture

Use PaperlessPLUS in any area where you capture Paperless Office documents but also experience the flexibility of indexing any other document whether generated internally or externally

Document Management Solutions For All Industries


Strengthen long-standing vendor and customer relationships with speedy, accurate information

Complicated operations can impinge upon long-standing relationships and excellent customer service but speedy, accurate information retrieval solves that right away.

Capture bills of lading and proof of delivery documents and make them accessible enterprise-wide.

Connect remote warehouses, distribution points, and business offices without delay.

Answer inquiries instantly by viewing specific PODs directly from your business application.

Use barcode features on receipts, bills of lading, pick lists, and other documents to monitor statuses and index all associated documents together.


Securely manage hundreds, thousands, and millions of documents daily

Secure management of financial documents and centralized communication are the simple answer to tying your organization together.

Limit what your users can see based on property values that you have configured such as department and seniority.

Give users the flexibility to digitally approve/reject from any device and schedule alerts and reminders for action items.

No matter the number of locations your business has, every team member can have documents at their fingertips and not worry about delayed delivery periods.

Food & Beverage

Highly regulated industries require secure and easy-to-access document management

Strong documentation and compliance to FDA regulations won’t be a concern with DocLink which can help with product and material tracking, strengthening vendor relationships, preventing certification decay, and more.

Securely store and retrieve certifications, sampling documentation, and FDA-required information.

Monitor inventory by managing requisitions and shipping lists and scheduling automatic alerts for future needs.

Take advantage of early pay discounts and make 100% on-time payments by shortening steps in your approval processes.

Configure 30-60-90 day reminders to notify of expiring product and personnel certifications.


Maintain HIPAA compliance while developing better patient and client service

HIPAA compliance regulations and client management are easily achievable through DocLink’s capabilities and securities.

Grant access rights through user-based permissions to prevent visibility of confidential information to unauthorized parties.

Use configurable Smart Forms to gather patient/client information into one space and personalize the delivery of pertinent documents.

Control the data auditors see during frequent reviews to give them access to the only information they need.


Automate data efficiently to improve quality assurance and production integrity
Quality assurance, remote work and production integrity are just a few areas where DocLink helps manufacturers succeed.

Accompany delivered products with certificates of compliance, test records, test record certificates, etc. to verify quality.

Equip team members doing site visits and fieldwork with adequate access to successfully complete customer jobs.

Eliminate problems with batches, lots, inspections, and FDA regulations with documentation and complete access to each piece.


As a provider of contractors, technicians, and other service professionals, be accurate and accessible to your team

Doclink's mobile solutions can link your team to service orders with ease for greater visibility and better customer impact.

Keep account documents in one space for ease of access despite the number of projects and accounts open.

Automatically push vendor contracts to approvers for review, monitor expiration dates, schedule alerts, and track account information.

Equip staff with access to relevant account details during site visits and allow the capture of necessities in the field through Doclink Mobile.


Handle the flow of service agreements, customer contracts, and more without worry

Easily and efficiently manage the constant flow of service agreements, contracts, remote site visits, and other documentation through automation.

Give user-based access rights to your team based on configured permissions and document types to regulate the release of confidential information.

Securely store and retrieve inspection records, resource readings, and other documentation required to be shown during site visits.

Send out automated billings, reminders, crucial information, etc. to clients based on criteria configured for your system to monitor.

DocLink Customer Success Stories

To be able to install a third-party document management system while maintaining the enterprise solution concept was a big advantage. The customer streamlined all documentation into a single, centralized enterprise solution across the entire organization.

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