Altec Document Management for Sage ERP

Sage Integrations

Sage ERP Document Management Suite by Altec, electronically captures documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports, and forms, and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

DocLink &

Making it easy for your business to go paperless with Sage products

Compatible with Sage 100


Employees throughout your organization can be granted secure and limited access to Paperless Office documents without being given direct access to Sage 100.

automated workflow processes

Pre-configured workflows in DocLink streamline approvals and coding for vendor invoices and automatically import them into Sage 100, providing increased visibility and control at the same time.

automated workflow processes

Use PaperlessPLUS in any area where you capture Paperless Office documents but also experience the flexibility of indexing any other document whether generated internally or externally

“To be able to install a third-party document management system while maintaining the enterprise solution concept was a big advantage. The customer streamlined all documentation into a single, centralized enterprise solution across the entire organization.”
Mike Hutar


The full suite of DocLink features and functions are available to Sage users, and provides extensive development resources, technical services, and strategic product and marketing benefits that help assure complete customer satisfaction with third-party applications

Secured Access

Employees can be given secure access to Paperless Office documents without being given direct access to Sage 100

Automated Workflow Processes

Pre-configured workflows streamline approvals and coding, providing increased visibility and control simultaneously

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