Sage 300cloud Manufacturing

Sage 300cloud Manufacturing

Manufacturing Modules

Below are the names and descriptions of the manufacturing modules in Sage 300cloud, click read more to view the full details

Manufacturing Modules

performance management 2

Transfer or merge transactions and your General Ledger between multiple companies or branch offices. Designed for holding companies or subsidiaries to manage on different databases or networks, it provides a set of features for defining the level of detail wanted during consolidation as well as a comprehensive audit trail. 

performance management 3

Create and distribute your transactions across multiple
companies with Intercompany Transactions. 

Key Features
  • Multilevel routes between companies with any number of intermediate companies
  • An Intercompany loan account reconciliation report
  • Full Multicurrency support and integration with Tax Services

Gain effective management over aspects of you business including time estimation, progress tracking, costing, and billing of your projects. This provides you with a simplified view, greater cost control, and more efficient planning to ensure that whatever task as hand is conducted in time and on budget. 

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