Sage 300 Distribution

Sage 300 Distribution

Distribution Modules

Below are the names and descriptions of the distribution modules in Sage 300, click read more to view the full details

Distribution Modules

performance management 2

Have easier and more efficient inventory management with Sage Inventory Advisor. Let the software help you make fast and optimal orders, reduce stock-outs allowing for more sales, and minimize excess inventory. 

Key Features
  • Track and view your service level and stock holding on a user friendly dashboard
  • View sales and forecast summaries emphasizing seasonality and trends
  • Create your inventory orders based on recommendations from automatically compiled data
performance management 3

Complete control over your inventory in multiple locations. View your inventory receipts, stock levels, shipments, adjustments, and returns in real time and with the extensive screen and reporting functions for comprehensive details. 

Key Features
  • Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking
  • Radio-frequency and barcoding technology
  • Multiple vendor assignment and automatic purchase updates

Purchase Orders provides the entry, processing, and reporting features necessary for complete automation of your purchase order procedures and meet your management needs. With multiple options for creating purchase orders you have the choice to enter them directly, import, reorder quantities, create from sales orders, or create from requisitions.


Work with multiple instances of data entry and create or use the given templates to streamline data entry and simplify your orders, requisitions, or POs. With all the needed information at your fingertips never waste a moment with a customer due to Order Entry and Sales Order.

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