Sage 100 Distribution

Streamline your
Distribution Process

Sage100 distribution gives users the capabilities they need to boost income, cut expenses, and improve the customer experience. 

Users enjoy key features such as business alerts, cloud connection, inventory management, and fully customizable interface. 

Add Efficiency to your Business and Grow

There is an excessive amount of inventory. There isn’t enough supply. Customer requirements are always evolving. And companies are still managing their expanding company using basic accounting software or a handmade system. 

Small and medium distributors can no longer rely on outdated solutions that are too sluggish and inadequate to meet today’s standards.

Sage 100 helps distribution companies stay organized, efficient and high producing leading to better business processes and future growth.

Sage 100 Distribution Success Story

Sage 100cloud Distribution Success Story

Key Distribution Features

Business alerts

Maintain appropriate stocking levels by keeping track of amount changes in important inventory goods. Create or create new or enhanced purchasing, sales, and price policies. Improve customer service by utilizing data.


Maintain data control while taking use of cloud-based services and apps. Users  can get useful information from any location.

Fully customizable interface

Customize distribution environment to ensure that all of the data needed to be compliant is collected.

Inventory Management

Create reports on item price, stock status, complete sales history, backorder information, reorder points and recommendations, value, turnover, and sales analysis, among other things.

Discover how you can take advantage of faster, simpler, more flexible business management.

Sage distribution

Sage 100


Sage 100 Advanced is for more complex businesses and accommodates purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory management. 

  • All the features of Sage 100 Essentials
  • Purchase Order and Sales Order
  • Inventory Management
  • DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic
  • Sage Inventory Advisor Basics (with Gold or Platinum Business Care)

Sage 100


Perfect for distribution businesses. Expands on the Sage 100 Advanced bundle with the following features and more:

  • All the features of Sage 100 Advanced
  • Bill of Materials
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Multi-Bin
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
    (Unlimited inventory volume)
  • One year of Sage Support PLUS
    (Includes unlimited support tickets, proactive support, and scheduled call-backs.)

Sage 100 Distribution Modules

Sales Order

During each transaction or query, have quick and simple access to valuable information. 

Utilize the unique dual grid entry design to increase sales team’s productivity, modify workflow, adjust fields and screen options, and use scripting to automatically process customer transactions in accordance with company regulations. 

With Sales Order, all client information entered and finished at the time of purchase is synced with the rest of a users Sage 100 modules, giving orders and other important data even greater synchronization.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management allows organizations to keep a tight grip on their stock. Instead of worrying about wrong inventory counts and losing money, rely on up-to-date and correct inventory information in all locations, movements, and values. Stay on top of all inventories with full reporting and capabilities.

Key Features
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Utilize features such as comprehensive pricing, batch entry, and Standard Cost Adjustments
  • Pay commission rates per item
  • Unlimited transaction history 

Purchase Order

With Purchase Order, streamline vendor workflow and simply keep and retrieve all records of key transactions.

Users may optimize and build automated processes in your organization by setting key indicators and relevant actions.

Users can confirm every order with perfect certainty since they can trace every transaction, shipment method, crucial date, contacts, reorder points, and more.

Multi-Bin Basic

Multi-Bin Management expands Sage 100’s capabilities. Improve the identification, storage, and distribution of inventory products across numerous warehouse locations.

Key Features
  • Set specific restrictions based on bin locations
  • Perform bin location transfers
  • Create better structure and segments for bin locations

Sage Inventory Advisor Basic

Sage Inventory Advisor makes inventory management simpler and more efficient. Allow the program to assist in placing quick and accurate orders, reducing stock-outs to increase sales, and reducing surplus inventory.

Key Features
  • Track and view your service level and stock holding on a user friendly dashboard
  • View sales and forecast summaries emphasizing seasonality and trends
  • Create your inventory orders based on recommendations from automatically compiled data

Sage 100 Distribution Add-ons

Sage Inventory Advisor

With an economical cloud solution that links in real-time to Sage 100cloud, users can save forecasting time, improve inventory investment choices, and achieve goal fill rates.

Sage Operations Management

Sage Operations Management delivers capabilities to help small and medium-sized manufacturers with estimating and quoting, task planning, scheduling, inventory optimization, and more.

Sage Intelligence

Data is rising at a pace of 56 percent every year on average. Overcome data overload and make better decisions based on a complete and accurate picture of your company and customers.

Sage 100 Payroll

Simplify payroll preparation in-house. Process it for a fraction of the money and time it would take to do it manually or through an outside service bureau.

Sage AP Automation

Sage transforms the businesses way handle accounts payments with Sage AP Automation. Working from the cloud gives users greater freedom and flexibility, as well as the ability to save time by automating manual operations and operate their business more efficiently.

Sage CRM

Users may use customer relationship management software to locate new clients, shorten sales cycles, and create long-term, lucrative connections.

Sage 100

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