Manage Your Processes and Operations More Effectively, With Less Complexity

As a manufacturer, your goals are to drive growth, become more competitive, and continuously deliver innovation products while minimizing cost and complexity.

Whether users are in charge of basic assembly, mass manufacturing, or special fabrication, Sage 100 Manufacturing was created to give manufacturing enterprises the tools they need to operate their business successfully.

Increased accuracy

A basic bill of materials isn't enough to keep track of expenses. Manufacturers may gain a full view of production costs by measuring labor and other job-related parameters (such as overhead, direct AP charges, and status). In addition, keep track of expenditures in relation to budget and make real-time modifications to inventories, supplies, and manufacturing processes.

Greater visibility

Manufacturers may increase customer satisfaction by setting correct delivery expectations using real-time access to the status of each item. Businesses may detect bottlenecks and optimize capacity planning with support for expanded product configuration and scheduling.

Optimized inventory

Demands for Inventory Sales order data from Sage 100 is combined with manufacturing process data to warn users when ordering is required. By minimizing mistakes, a fully integrated system with built-in controls improves data integrity. With Sage Inventory Advisor's predictive analytics, users can go from execution to planning.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Brochure

Sage 100 Manufacturing Brochure

Sage 100 Manufacturing Key Features

Inventory requirements planning

With a clear perspective of existing inventory stock levels, open buy and sales orders, and manufacturing material requirements, evaluate existing supply and demand functions. The requirement for each inventory item is calculated using a combination of build times, lead times, and supply and demand calculations.


Create automations and workflows to auto-populate fields without having to click a single button, such as condition checks, basic alarms, and computations. Businesses may quickly import files from practically any third-party application into Sage 100 using Visual Integrator.

Custom Office

Save tens of thousands of dollars on modifications and upgrade to the needed software while preserving existing modifications. Fields may be easily added, edited, and reported on to satisfy the information collecting needs of individual businesses, and fields may be relabeled to match the terminology they use on a daily basis.

Production Management

With a centralized production process, businesses can track expenses, optimize inventories, and monitor production statuses, giving them complete visibility into assembly, manufacturing, or fabrication business's production state and instant demand.

Sage 100 Manufacturing Modules

Our team can show you how upgrading your Sage 100 solution with these add-ons expands the power of your business management solution and take your manufacturing business further.


Allow shipping and receiving workers to capture data quickly and correctly using barcodes. Improve productivity and efficiency by better managing and processing inventories, collecting data, and creating better processes. Radio-frequency and cradle-style portable devices are supported, and information flows through your bar codes once users add crucial information to users products, sales, and purchases, or invoices using user-defined fields.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Return Merchandise Authorization gives companies the ability to quickly process consumer returns. RMA enables users to handle any client request, whether they want credit, a substitute, a repair, or a replacement. Take customer service to the next level by combining a RMA module with Inventory Management and Sales Orders.

Key  Features
  • Calculate restock fees
  • Track the reasons and issues for returns
  • Maintains a history and provides reports on all returns

Bill of Materials

Users can create and manage their own thorough bill of materials that includes all components and other expenditures up to and including subassembly and completed goods. The Engineering Change Control tool is included, and it tracks bill structure changes, resulting in better production and product quality.

Sage Production Management

Sage Production Management offers companies a simple way to take control of their entire production process and regain control over their inventory.

Real-time reporting, which can track costs relative to budget and make adjustments to processes with increased agility.

Optimize inventory to reduce excess inventory and eliminate stock-outs.

Achieve visibility into the entire manufacturing process and improve capacity planning with Sage Production Management.

Meet your unique needs with fully customize fields, tables, and scripts.

Sage Production Management Brochure

Manufacturing Add-Ons

Our team can show you how upgrading your Sage 100 solution with these add-ons expands the power of your business management solution and take your manufacturing business further.

Sage Inventory Advisor

With an economical cloud solution that links in real-time to Sage 100cloud, users can save forecasting time, improve inventory investment choices, and achieve goal fill rates.

Sage transforms the way companies handle accounts payments with Sage AP Automation. Working from the cloud gives users greater freedom and flexibility, as well as the ability to save time by automating manual operations and operate a business more efficiently.

Sage Intelligence

Data is rising at a pace of 56 percent every year on average. Overcome data overload and make better decisions based on a complete and accurate picture of user’s company and customers.

Sage CRM

Users have the tools they need with customer relationship management software to locate new clients, shorten sales cycles, and develop long-term, lucrative partnerships.

Sage 100 Payroll

Simplify in-house payroll preparation. Process it at a fraction of the cost and time of a manual payroll system or outside service bureau.

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