Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition fully supports multiple manufacturing processes that integrates production planning and your shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting. As a result, Acumatica ERP Cloud software  provides real-time coordination of activities across your entire business. This means, that you can stay connected to production orders, schedules, and material plans anywhere, anytime on the road, in the office, or at home. The complete multi-site cloud manufacturing control and planning system for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing processes: Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

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One Solution For Your Business

Acumatica's Manufacturing Edition provides robust cloud manufacturing ERP software that is rich with features. Furthermore, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition offers real-time coordination of your business activities from one central location, while cross-application integration enables you to have visibility across the entire organization wherever you are.

Meet Your Schedules

The manufacturing ERP software allows customers to forecast demand while optimizing resources for effectiveness and cost control. All this is accomplished with a full-suite of modules available at any time. Now you can use MRP and REPAY to balance material requirements with production schedules.

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Grow Together

As you grow and change your business, have confidence that make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing functions powerfully and completely. Exercise maximum control from engineering change request to engineering change order to engineering change notice with approvals throughout each step of the way.

Capable to Promise (CTP)

The capability of Advanced Planning and Scheduling logic is applied to determine the number of units an item will be available by a date or calculate availability dates for a specific quantity of items based on various factors.

Track Your Costs

Harness the ability to track labor costs and materials as you manage your projects. Also, compare standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production for more accurate metrics.

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Acumatica Manufacturing Applications

Product Configurator

A non-hierarchical feature selection and configuration evaluation system with rules-based functionality. Useful for quotes, production orders, and/or sales orders with real-time price and cost rollup.


Inventory Management

Gain real-time access to available inventory, reorder quantities, inventory in transit, and inventory costs. Efficiently manage multiple warehouses, matrix items, bin locations, lots, and expiration dates.

Production Management

Compared the standard and planned production costs to the actual costs of the production order. Track material/labor costs, release and schedule orders for the shop floor, and manage production orders.

Order Management

This system streamlines your procurement processes, manage all sales activities, and automate order fulfillment for external or internal clients.

Manufacturing Estimates

Create estimates for existing or new items. Then, convert estimates into production orders, bills of material, or other necessary manufacturing estimates.

Advanced Financials

Acumatica's base financials possesses advanced financial capabilities like, GL consolidation, automatic revenue recognition, and sub-accounts.

Purchase Order Management

Acumatica helps you reduce costs and improve vendor relationships by centrally managing and automating your global purchasing processes.

Equipment Management

This is sold as a separate application. The equipment management module tracks all products related to your customer and schedules preventative maintenance.

Manufacturing Data Collection

Automate your shop floor data entry for labor and material transactions. Streamline data collection with barcodes, scanners, and mobile devices.

Bill of Materials/

Create, manage, and control master data definitions of products and processes with convenient one-screen maintenance using the BOM/Routing Module.

Warehourse Management System (WMS)

Streamline distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations in inventory management, receiving, and more. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Engineering Change Control(ECC)

Manage version updates and control to bills of material (BOM) and routings while controlling effectivity dates that impact scheduling, costing, and materials.

Advanced planning and Scheduling

A non-hierarchical feature selection and configuration evaluation system with rules-based functionality. Useful for quotes, production orders, and/or sales orders with real-time price and cost rollup.

Acumatica for Arena Native Connector

Automate synchronization of engineering items and BOM from Arena to Acumatica manufacturing bills of material and inventory items. Manage the entire product lifecycle inside Arena's cloud-based platform.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Quickly generate purchasing and time-phased manufacturing plans for optimal inventory availability that is directly correlated to customer demands and forecast.

Project Accounting

Manage project inventory, complex billing, budgeting, and time sheets. Project reporting compares actual project costs with original & revised budgets utilizing a visual dashboard for more in-depth insight.

Service Management

Maximize dispatching by scheduling the right people in the right situations. Easily obtain real-time data for work taking place in the field or on-site with Acumatica Service Management

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