Sage 300cloud Financials

Sage 300cloud Financials

Financial Modules

Below are the names and descriptions of the financial modules in Sage 300cloud, click read more to view the full details

Systems Manager

System Manager provides you with complete control and access to all accounting information and modules. Do anything from searching for a file or record to setting up your security measures in the Systems Manager, or take advantage of the tools provided to maintain data integrity. 

General Ledger

Optimize your financial records and accounting needs to generate comprehensive, useful statements for planning and implementing business strategies. With its customizable platform you can create your own chart of accounts or use the provided industry-specific selections for fast and simple implementation. The flexible design allows for efficient and personalized data entry into the exclusive dual-grid, giving you virtually unlimited reports for specific details.

Key Features
  • Display the transactions for your account at any time
  • Create your own batches in Journal Entry for greater control over general ledger postings
  • Move your funds between banks in an easy transaction journal
  • Search for transactions by multiple different means such as by period, journal, or comments

Accounts Payable

Be proactive by managing your expenditures and improving vendor insights with the advanced capabilities of Accounts Payable. Automate functions like financial transactions, track your payments, and create your budgets based on real-time data. Improve your efficiency, better your cash management, cut down operating costs, and reduce the risk of using checks by electronically paying vendors with the Accounts Payable module.

Accounts Receivable

Add efficiency to your accounts receivable and gain important data for better planning and cash management. The Accounts Receivable module streamlines your daily Accounts Receivable activities and presents valuable and key information in a user friendly format. It’s simple to use and powerful software, and is able to utilize many other features to generate informative and personalized customer interactions.

Custom Fields

Customize your Sage 300cloud to your particular business for comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities. Manage your data more efficiently and effectively and gain better analysis on your business operations with Custom Fields. 

Credit Card Processing

This provides a complete payment processing solution for mail, telephone, and Internet businesses orders. Including payment processing with Sage helps lower your fees and total cost of ownership. With risk mitigation features included in the product, they will not only protect you but also the customer from unwanted or unauthorized credit card use. 

Key Features
  • Automatically connect credit card authorizations and settlements to Merchant Accounts
  • Complete and secure online transaction reports
  • Any valuable information is safely stored in the Sage Payment Solutions Vault
  • Ensured security with user-level passwords and adherence to PCI security standards


Gain comprehensive and powerful accounting functions, capable of handling multiple currencies. This financial tool allows you to process any currency in any transaction, which gives your business a very important competitive edge against any competitor. 

Key Features
  • Unlimited rate types
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Transactions and reports in any currency

Sage Intelligence

Look no further when making effective business decisions. Automate the reporting and distribution process using Sage Intelligence. This not only allows your company personnel to create and run reports with the click of a mouse, but also the scheduling of reports during any time of day. With Sage Intelligence you’re able to quickly identify and respond to any new and meaningful trends using your personalized and customized dashboards. Utilize drag-and-drop formulas to create and manage your financial reports with ease. Develop your own detailed customer, vendor, and operational reports. Consolidate and view your data and organization in different ways with Reporting Trees and Reporting Groups. 

Modernized Screens

No longer is it necessary to use an outdated format or ugly looking interface. With access to newly designed themes and screen features, use the presets and customize the look of your own screen. 

Global Search

Search by name, number, code, or description to find records or transactions across any aspect of your database. Find any information within your database with the Global Search module.