On-Demand Webinar: Web-Based Paperless HR

On-Demand Webinar

Web-Based Paperless HR

Paperless Forms, Goal Tracking & Performance Management, Analytics & Dashboards

View the webcast recording to learn how leveraging Sage HRMS and endorsed solutions from Delphia Consulting can help you go paperless throughout the entire employment lifecycle—from a pre-employment and onboarding perspective through day to day employee forms and forms specifically for management including goal setting and performance appraisal.

Learn how Sage HRMS add-on solutions from Delphia can help:

  • Extend manager and employee self-service with web-based forms and routing  
  • Make onboarding paperless including I9 and W4 
  • Set objectives, track goals, measure results and drive the performance appraisal process
  • Make informed business decisions with interactive reports and data dashboards 

Delphia’s solutions let you focus on people not papers.