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Customer Interaction Management Software Platform


With E-commerce Storefront you are creating an additional platform for customer interactions to help attract new customers and offer existing customers a convenient alternative to shop for products, and allowing for increased sales opportunities and improving your brand’s market presence.

Customer Portal

Customer Self-Service Portal is a secure, web-based tool that empowers customers to help themselves however needed by giving them higher visibility into customer-specific information and a more convenient way to place orders.

ERP Integration

Perfect Sync is a data syncing framework that was developed with one goal in mind: to provide the best ERP integration on the market. With 100% perfect delivery of data between your ERP and our platform, and automatic detection of data changes, we’re confident that we are accomplishing that goal.

Cloud Data Hubs

CIMcloud has a cloud-based B2B software suite that integrates with existing ERP software systems. One major component of CIMcloud is their Cloud Data and API platform. This cloud data platform moves data between all of a company’s business applications and existing ERP systems.


CRM helps optimize customer interactions by leveraging existing data into an ERP system and displaying the critical data to your employee. This enables informed decisions on how and where to best spend their time, view essential reports at-a-glance, respond to information requests, and perform tasks on behalf of their customers such as ordering and making payments.

About CIMcloud

CIMcloud is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software platform, and provides solutions with e-commerce capabilities for customers, and CRM functionality for employees.

Designed specifically for product-centric B2B companies, and built with complete integration capabilities with existing ERP systems, CIMcloud can optimize the way companies interact with their customers.

Key Integrations with Sage 100

Integrated B2B Customer Portals


Integrated CRM