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What Should You Look for When Choosing an HRMS Software?

The Human Resources department is an indispensable part of your company. If your HR employees don’t have the tools they need to be effective, everything grinds to a halt. The right HRMS – human resource management software – can make the difference between employees who are empowered to work smoothly…

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5 Ways HR Software Makes Onboarding a Breeze

You feel like you scoured the globe to find your new employee. You recruited from the far corners of the earth and conducted endless interviews to find the perfect fit. Finally, you hired the right candidate. The next part of the process is onboarding. While some companies still do onboarding…

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Keeping Your Business ACA Compliant, and Why It Matters

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a concern for many employers for years, and recent political developments indicate that the ACA is here to stay. All businesses must meet the ACA’s compliance requirements or risk significant penalties. Human resource professionals have busy schedules with many concerns, and compliance can’t…

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