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My Journey to the Cloud

In 2014, DSD Business Systems provided its staff with Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s. I have had the chance to use my Surface Pro for the past month and it’s fantastic.  I think the Surface Pro 3 will be a game-changer for Microsoft. In addition to having a Surface Pro 3,…

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ERP In The Cloud: Myths and Facts

Recently, the ERP industry has been bombarded with aggressive marketing claims by multi-tenant ERP providers and on-premises ERP publishers.  Wading through the myths and facts is a daunting job for a user because there are few sources who aren’t biased in one way or another.  Everybody is looking to sell…

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ERP and CRM Software in the Cloud: Clarifying Definitions (Part II)

In the second blog of this series, we’ll focus on clarifying some definitions surrounding cloud-based computing solutions. What’s the Difference Between “On-Demand” vs. “Subscription”? These terms refer to payment models, but they are joined at the hip with the Internet, because without the Internet, they could hardly exist.  Subscription software…

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