We Give Back

Our Community; Our Responsibility

Our vision for the future includes a charitable foundation and recognition as much for our philanthropic efforts as our technological capability. That’s why charity has been part of our corporate culture since 1989. Here are a few of the charities we donate to:

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Art Gallery
DSD Business Systems actively supports the activities of many of our customers. A special customer is St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center—one of the most highly regarded non-profit organizations on the west coast that serves adults with developmental disabilities.

Each year we are anonymously matched with a needy family and provide for the makings of a Christmas celebration, including gifts for the children and parents, as well as provisions for a Christmas dinner.

Hire-a-Youth Program
DSD is a co-sponsor of the Hire-A-Youth program, conducted by the Grossmont Union High School District. DSD conducts a special Ethics in Business event for over 200 program participants twice per year. This program provides summer jobs for 18-24 year olds and is funded by the Economic Recovery Act of 2009.

CA Virtual Enterprise Program
DSD and our employees support the ROP and Grossmont Union High School District’s CA Virtual Enterprise Program. The California Virtual Enterprise Program is a special interactive program in which students create “virtual” businesses, with marketing plans, employee handbooks, and even a website. The program is sponsored by the Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) and Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD).

East County Education
Enabled by DSD’s contribution of resources, our president, Doug Deane, founded the Ethics in Business program in 1992 for high school seniors and that program has been conducted continuously since 1992 with DSD’s sponsorship.

Mountain Search and Rescue Team
DSD supports our employees by allowing paid time off for volunteer work which, in turn, contributes to improving our employees’ quality of life as well as our community’s. One of our employees, Kayley Bell, volunteers for the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team and assisted our community in searching for multiple missing hikers and two missing San Diego teenagers, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King.