7 Growth Strategies for Modern Manufacturing


Manufacturers should concentrate on their core competencies: producing superior products and delivering exceptional customer service to stimulate growth. The last thing on their minds should be their ERP software or connected business applications. In this blog, we’ll walk you through how a cloud-native ERP application like Acumatica can help you stimulate growth.

Strategies for Manufacturing Growth

1. Boost Your Growth by Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

The complexity of manufacturing often causes inefficiencies. Improper machine or tooling setup can result in excess scrap, while jobs that commence without upstream materials can tie up valuable resources. 

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides an integrated suite of applications designed to drive out inefficiency through automation and actionable business insights.

2. Streamline Processes with Connected Supply Chains

Manufacturers who rely on outdated ERP systems face significant hurdles when gathering critical information. They have to resort to using disconnected systems such as email, fax, and phone to make informed choices regarding product design, purchasing, production, and orders.

Acumatica is a collaborative platform that connects your business with its customers, dealers, and partners, resulting in enhanced efficiency across all areas of your business.

3. Generate More Leads & Close More Business

Manufacturers face challenges in improving sales due to the complexity of their products and services. They may rely on estimates, have limitations with internal systems or disconnected eCommerce applications, and struggle to develop more qualified business opportunities.

Acumatica provides all the tools manufacturers need to help them sell more products and services.

4. Provide Exceptional Service to Customers

Customers often select suppliers based on the services they provide to complement their products. As a result, top manufacturers nowadays offer installation, repair, maintenance, and other related services for many of their core products.

Acumatica’s CRM and field service systems provide the ideal platform for providing world-class services to grow your business.

5. Optimize Inventory for Maximum Profits

With Acumatica inventory management and manufacturing suite, you can optimize inventory levels, automate processes, and implement just-in-time strategies. This will save you time and boost inventory turnover, making your business operations smoother and more efficient.

6. Manage Compliance & Risk Effectively

Acumatica offers a variety of tools to help you meet compliance standards, with database level security, audit files, security roles, wikis, and document management all aiding in your quality control and compliance efforts.

7. Minimize Technology Costs

Most traditional ERP vendors have strict and expensive user licensing, which can limit your options and lock you into long-term contracts. If you decide to leave, you risk losing your data and being bound to the financial burden of your contract. In contrast, Acumatica offers unique licensing and all the benefits of using a native cloud application, ensuring flexibility and security for your company.


The manufacturing industry is a challenging one, dealing with increased competition, shorter product lifecycles, complex technologies, and changing compliance mandates. How can you navigate and grow your business in this digital age when there are so many variables to consider? The answer is simple: equip yourself with a comprehensive suite of scalable business applications like Acumatica Cloud ERP.

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