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DSD Enhancements

From now until September 30th, 2022 we have a ton of enhancements on sale! Enjoy 25% off the 1st year subscription price before it’s too late. Read on to learn more about each of the new enhancements that have been released this year and see if they’re beneficial for your organization! 

Enhancements on Sale Until September 30th

ARBE Paperless Delivery Use Bill-To Customer Email Address

Paperless Office Delivery Options in Customer Maintenance has been enhanced to include a new option “Use Bill To Customer Email Address”. This option is only enable if the “Enable Bill To Customer Reporting” feature has been enabled in A/R Setup Options. The Bill-To Customer’s email address will be used for all associated Sold To Customer invoices.

BRBF - BRBF Bank Feed Task Scheduler

This DSD Enhancement to the Library Master module Task Scheduler allows for “Other” task types to schedule Bank Feeds. The task will perform transaction downloads for all Bank Codes that contain a valid Bank Cloud Account ID.

IMEA - IMEA Expanded
Alias Item Number

This DSD Enhancement expands the standard Alias Item field to 100 characters, rather than 30 characters.

LMAD - LMAD Advanced Data Editor

This utility will facilitate data record editing by making available for modifications all data column elements for any Business Framework table in a user friendly, grid entry format.

LMMT - LMMT Multi-Company Task Scheduler

This DSD Enhancement to the Library Master / Task Scheduler allows for “Journal/Register” task types to be scheduled for All Companies.

PLEE - PLEE Paperless Office Enhanced Electronic Delivery

This DSD Enhancement enhances the electronic delivery message maintenance to allow the addition of merge fields not available in Standard Sage 100.

PRLD - PRLD Payroll Labor Distribution

This DSD enhancement to the Payroll module allows you to post wage expense by Labor Code using segment substitution.

SOBR - SOBR BOM Revision Selection

In Sales Order Entry, when entering a Bill of Materials Kit, the revision field will be enabled. A new lookup on the Revision field has also been added to display a Revision list associated with the Bill.

SODR - SODR S/O Deferred Revenue Posting

This DSD enhancement allows future Revenue and Deferred Postings to the General Ledger to occur during the S/O Invoice Update. S/O Invoice Data Entry has been enhanced to have four new fields: Number of Months and Start Date on both the Invoice Header and Invoice Detail files. When these field values are entered by the user, future postings will occur on the same day each month, for the number of months specified, for Regular or Miscellaneous Line Items on the invoice that have Deferred Revenue Accounts setup.

APAI - APAI A/P Liability Account by Invoice

Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry has been modified to allow the assignment of a liability account by invoice. Manual check and check register update have been modified to use the new account during update. If no liability account is present the Accounts Payable Account specified in Division Maintenance will be used.

ARBS - ARBS Accounts Receivable Billion Dollar Support

All Data Entry, Maintenance, Journal, and Report tasks are impacted by the installation.

The font sizes used on some reports have been reduced to accommodate the expanded numeric field sizes.

POEK - POEK - Purchase Order Kit Explosion

Purchase order entry has been enhanced to allow for kit explosion. Additional features such as kit line retention and redistributing kit item cost to components have been added to this enhancement. Redistributing kit item cost to components will use a weighted average percentage.

POEP - POEP Enhanced Purchase Order History Purge

This DSD Enhancement to the Purchase Order module adds a new task to the Purchase Order Utilities menu. This Utility adds greater flexibility for purging Purchase Order History.

POXP - POXP Expanded Purchase Order Number

The Purchase Order Number fields in the following modules have been expanded to 15 characters. All Data Dictionaries, Entry Panels, Lookups, and Reports have been modified accordingly.

· Accounts Payable
· Accounts Receivable
· Bar Code
· Inventory Management
· Purchase Order
· Return Merchandise Authorization
· Sales Order

TCRE - TCRE TimeTrack Punch In/Out Entry Rapid Entry

This DSD Extended Solution adds Rapid Entry option to the Time Track setup options. Punch In/Out entry is modified to auto accept upon the expiration of the time delay specified in the setup options.

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