Criterion HCM 2022 R2 Release Overview

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

Criterion HCM 2022 Release 2 is officially out and has tons of new stuff to offer. This update brings an overall better feel to Criterion and offers plenty of ways to improve your HR processes. Read on to learn about the new user interface, feature updates, and lots more. 

What's New in Criterion 2022 R2

New Criterion User Interface

Criterion’s User Interface has been completely updated! The new-look features a  modern and minimalistic style in light colors. This new look helps match the solution to Criterion’s mission going forward in modernization. 

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

Blocking Punch In / Out Outside Geofencing

The Switch to desktop button in the Mobile App can be enabled/disabled from the Security Profile using the Switch to desktop from the Mobile App option. If disabled, it will stop employees from switching to the web version and checking in without geodata.

Time Off: Balance As Of Defined Future Date

At Self Service > My Time Offs, now accrued amount and taken/planned amount can be calculated as of the entered future date indicated in the Balance As Of.
This works for the Anniversary, the Fiscal and the Vacation Bank Accrual methods.

Intacct App Synchronization Improved

Intacct App synchronization settings have been improved:

1. The toggle has been added that allows synchronizing automatically for timesheets on approval.
2. The drop-down list has been added to select pay codes that will by synchronized.
3. Action logs are displayed in a modal window as a grid with pagination. The Resync button is now available for incomplete actions.
4. You can also now view the details for incomplete actions by clicking the Details button.
5. Synchronizing Timesheets has been made available in the actions drop-down list from App details and ESS Team Timesheets.

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

Incomes: Rate for Rest and Recovery Periods Calculation Improved

In the  Income settings, the rate for rest and recovery periods and meal penalties can be calculated by defining the following formula in the “Formula Rate” field:


Workflows: Sending Notifications Improved

Notifications are now sent by the order in the workflow. The order is defined in Workflow Details at HR > Settings > Workflows. You can then move the notifications up and down in the list when editing a workflow.

Employee Mass Termination

Criterion has added a feature that allows to easily and quickly terminate several employees in one widget to help you save time and make the process more seamless. 

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

The Mass Terminate option has been added to the Employees section. It opens the widget with basic settings. You can set up the options and terminate a list of employees with just one click.

You can select employees in the list to terminate. For employees that can’t be terminated, you can see the details by hovering the mouse over the exclamation mark and find out why.

The result list displays all of the employees who have been successfully terminated and who was not. You can also export the result list as an Excel file by clicking “Quick Export“.

Time Off: Error Message Corrected

The error message has been modified to be more simple for a user: “A time off request already exists for date ‘<date>’ or can’t be more than a full day. Please check to see if you have an unsubmitted time off request.“

Employee Demographics: Age Field Added

The Age field has been added to the employee’s profile under Demographics. It now automatically displays the calculated age of an employee.

Recruiting: Adding Custom Question Sets

Criterion has improved the process of adding a job for Recruiting managers. This new feature provides the opportunity to add custom question sets for a specific job. This allows posting jobs with custom questions to get more detailed information about each applicant.

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

Deduction Frequency:
Payroll Number By Date Or Period End Date

At Deduction Frequency settings, it is now available to select by which option to calculate the payroll number – either Pay Date or Pay Period End Date.

Pay Groups: Active / Inactive Option Added

It has been made available to make a pay group active or inactive using the corresponding toggle at the pay group settings.

The list of pay groups can be filtered by Active / Inactive state using the Show Active option. Only active pay groups are available to create a payroll batch.

Criterion HCM 2022 R2

Integration with Clair

The integration with Clair has been implemented.

The On-demand pay (Clair) option can now be enabled in Settings > System Configuration > Payroll Settings.

This makes the on-demand payment available for employees – the Get Paid Earlier action is now available in ESS Actions. An employee can set up direct deposit for receiving on-demand payments in ESS.

Employees can use the onboarding process by Clair.

Integration with ProCore

The integration with ProCore has been implemented. It allows:

• importing time from ProCore and processing payroll in Criterion, and then exporting final costs

• importing Projects from ProCore and exporting timesheets from Criterion

• exporting new employees entered in Criterion HRIS to ProCore avoiding data duplication.

Workflows: Project Org Level Added

Now users have the option of using the project organization levels in workflows for verification, notification, and approval.

In the User Code Table, the new Code Table “Project Org Structure” is added. It allows creating Project\Job Org types that will appear in the Position details.
Project Org Type has added as an option for Performer field in Workflow settings. Once Project Org Type is selected, the user would select the Organization Structure.

Time Off Plans: Manual Overriding of Potential Value

Now Criterion allows using the Manually override calculation toggle for non-accruing time off plans with negative net amount. When it’s on, the Potential amount can be overridden manually for an Employee.

Taxes: Overriding Tax Rate

Now Criterion allows setting up the Tax Identifier and the Tax Rate for the CANADIAN EMPLOYMENT INS ER tax at the employee level. The fields are available at the employee profile in the Tax section. It allows overriding the tax rate set at the employer level per each employee.

Workflows: Project Org Level Added

The following improvements have been implemented for the Criterion Mobile App:

• The Switch to desktop button in the Mobile App can be enabled/disabled from the Security Profile using the Switch to desktop from the Mobile App option. It prevents employees from switching to the web version and checking in without geodata.
• Switching work assignments is available now in timesheets if the option is enabled in Timesheet layout settings.
• A range of issues are fixed.

Workers Compensation Improvements

Now the Workers Compensation Code can be overridden:

1. at the project level. Use the Workers Compensation field at the Project details page.

2. using the state field at the Workers Compensation details page. It allows calculating the workers compensation rate correctly depending on employee’s work location

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