STAC: Sage & Third-Party Applications Conference Returns July 21st 2022

Sage and Third Party Applications Conference

Join us Thursday, July 21st 2022 at 8:30 AM PT | 11:30 AM ET for the Sage & Third-Party Applications Conference (STAC). This conference will be full of valuable insight, networking, and much more! Read on to learn about what it has to offer and different sessions that could be beneficial for you. 

Why Attend the Virtual Online Event?

Valuable Business Advice

The conference will have tons of sessions with valuable business advice on key topics, presented by Sage as well as third-party experts.

Interact with the community

The conference will provice lots of opportunities to interact with the presenters, product experts, attendees and have your questions answered.

exhibit hall

There will be a virtual exhibit hall where you can get information and interact with providers of third-party add-ons for your Sage software.

STAC Agenda and Sessions

STAC will provide lots of insightful sessions surrounding topics such as automating accounts payable, inventory optimization, leveraging automation to drive your business, business intelligence, and many more. Check out the full agenda of this year’s event down below:

11:30 AM ET - 11:35 AM ET

Speaker: Aziz Benmalek, President North America and EVP, Partners & Alliances, Sage
Target Audience: All Attendees

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11:35 AM ET - 11:55 AM ET

More Details Coming Soon

Target Audience:
All Attendees

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11:55 AM ET - 12:00 PM ET - BREAK

Exhibit Hall Opens (stays open for remainder of event)

12:00 PM ET - 12:30 PM ET

Business Intelligence (BI) isn’t just a “buzzword” anymore, it is a critical component of an organization’s success. In this webcast, discover the Business Intelligence and Data Management solution for Sage systems, Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

In this webinar, you will discover how SEI allows you to:

  • Measure the performance of your organization and make data-driven decisions faster
  • Immediately respond to complex business questions with real-time access to multiple data sources
  • Access your data in real-time from any device, on any platform including web, mobile and Excel, and in multiple languages
  • Easily create cross functional, graphical analysis using powerful dashboard capabilities
  • Empower all employees, technical and non-technical, to provide users with the reports they need to do their jobs well
  • Share the right information with all internal and external stakeholders

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and Sage 500 customers

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There were some hard lessons learned over the past 2 years. Those who heeded those lessons thrived while their competitors struggled, and some did not survive. One of the primary lessons was “If you’re not online, you’re not doing business.”

Overwhelmingly our customers have told us that they want to self-serve. And those expectations have not changed post-pandemic. They’re online and they expect their vendors to be online; Or they will find one who is. But what does it me to be online? What is it our customers expect from us?

In this session we’ll explore the different options for Sage 300 merchants to provide online services for their customers and employees. It’s a lot easier and more affordable than you may realize.

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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Call the doctor STAT! Stop wasting countless hours processing paper invoices manually. Recoup this time AND MORE! Document management and workflow automation solution DocLink by Altec can help you go paperless and touchless throughout AP.

Join us for this session to learn how DocLink can eliminate many manually AP tasks, ensuring your accounting documents are:

  • automatically captured utilizing AI-driven OCR
  • matched automatically
  • seamlessly processed
  • searchable in seconds
  • available anytime for review & approval from anywhere

Don’t miss out! Attend our session to find out how DocLink will improve your productivity and reduce your costs for immediate ROI.

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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12:30 PM ET - 12:35 PM ET - BREAK

12:35 PM ET - 1:05 PM ET

In this session, ProcessWeaver/Elemica will discuss how shippers increasingly are digitally connecting with their carrier networks to eliminate routine tasks, shipping errors, compliance risks, capacity shortages, and challenges with shipment visibility – all of which put pressure on their supply chains.

In addition, ProcessWeaver/Elemica will discuss how shippers are increasingly turning to transportation management systems to bring supply chain capabilities and data directly into Sage ERPs and other critical business systems so that shippers can take advantage of what they are already using.”

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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Session Overview – Do you want to get paid faster? Reduce the amount of money owed to your organization by customers? Our Collections software, Credit Hound, is a powerful tool which automates many of your day-to-day collections processes – significantly reducing administrative tasks and instantly showing how much you are owed and who you need to chase. Credit Hound helps to manage your cash flow, reduce bad debt and get paid faster.

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 300 customers

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Over the past 20 years, the technologies available to help you “mine” your data have increased exponentially—from friendly search technologies and dashboards to advanced business intelligence analytics. And yet . . . even with all of these tools, you still need to “go get” the information you need; and once retrieved (or displayed), you still need to figure out what do to with that information, who needs to do it . . . and get it done.

The concept of “actionable insight” uniquely combines data mining, data delivery, and automated workflow to ensure that you have not only insight into what’s going on in your business, but also an automated action plan to address the activities that have occurred.

This session will include a discussion of ten aspects of your business that can be improved through such a system of actionable insight leveraging  Sage Alerts & Workflow integration with Sage solutions.

Target Audience:
 Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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1:05 PM ET - 1:10 PM ET - BREAK

1:10 PM ET - 1:35 PM ET

1:35 PM ET - 1:40 PM ET - BREAK

1:40 PM ET - 2:10 PM ET

SPS Commerce has the world’s largest retail network and the ability to set customers up for success – whether that means giving them a full-service EDI solution, helping them predict retail trends, connecting them to new revenue streams/partners, or adding enhancements to their current solutions. Join us to learn how SPS Commerce is positioning the Sage community for success.

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 500 customers

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This is the year to learn how adding Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) to your Sage platform can help solve data headaches, deliver instant reporting, and achieve a rapid ROI! We’re passionate about making it simple and cost-effective for businesses to access and analyze their data and that’s why we’ve developed a range of pre-packaged and automated products that solve the every-day data challenges businesses face.

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 300 customers

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Accountancy is considered one of the most stressful and demanding industries. One study found that AP professionals worked 10 extra hours on average per week. With a demanding workload, 59% reported experiencing stress and a negative impact on their mental health. Join this session discover what causes overtime in AP and what you can do to overcome the routine challenges.

Sage AP Automation

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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2:10 PM ET - 2:15 PM ET - BREAK

2:15 PM ET - 2:45 PM ET

Scanco offers an extensive line of solutions that can meet any of your business needs. Whether you have five employees or five thousand, automation is the key to continued growth.

Target Audience: Sage 100 customers

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Although tax compliance issues affect nearly all businesses in one form or another, relatively few actually understand all the rules or how to comply. Even those businesses that are primarily tax exempt or deal with tax-exempt clients have serious compliance tasks they need to manage. In this session, the tax experts at Avalara will show you everything you need to know regarding sales tax.

Avalara will show you:
– Why tax compliance matters
– What economic nexus is and the activities that can trigger it
– New sales tax rules that determine whether your business is compliant
– An overview of how Sage Sales Tax (Avalara) works with Sage ERPs to simplify compliance

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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Particularly in a turbulent economy, what you do with your business can have a huge impact on your future. Whether your industry has slowed down or you’re one of the lucky ones who just can’t keep up with demand, the time to plan is now. The finance and accounting teams must act quickly: developing models, scenarios, and managing the performance of the business in the short, medium and long term are critical.

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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2:45 PM ET - 2:50 PM ET - BREAK

2:50 PM ET - 3:20 PM ET

Paya is excited to present our Click2Pay customer portal for Sage100. Click2Pay is a merchant branded portal that allows customers to engage with Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices 24/7. Click2Pay is one of several frictionless secure payment solutions we provide to our Sage software resellers and end users. Paya’s Click2Pay roadmap will continue to automate the AR process throughout the year.

Paya’s industry experts will be available during the day at our virtual booth if you have additional questions around processing payments in the Sage product lineup. Don’t forget we can provide EMV and NFC contactless terminals and ecommerce connectivity to many shopping carts for a full omni channel payment experience from a single provider.

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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The supply and demand variables impacting your inventory have grown infinitely complex in recent years. Unfortunately, most organizations are still managing this data manually through static spreadsheets and unreliable sources. Using analog tools to compete in a dynamic, data-driven environment means always playing from behind.

With Sage Inventory Advisor, powered by Netstock, you can compete with a powerful, analytics-driven toolset to drive customer-centric business decisions through your inventory data. Join Russ Graf, VP of Channel Management at Netstock, as he discusses how to:

  • Maximize the value of your inventory investment
  • Capture lost sales & revenue while driving customer satisfaction
  • Reinvest capital savings to power strategic goals

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers

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The ongoing evolution of consumer technology in the retail channel, combined with the effects of the pandemic, has significantly altered buyer behavior. Join us for an upcoming webinar, in partnership with CitiXsys – iVend Retail, to find out how you can easily accelerate Digital Transformation and drive customer value with modern retail in the midst of all the challenges the industry is currently facing.

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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3:20 PM ET - 3:25 PM ET - FINAL BREAK

3:25 PM ET - 4:00 PM ET

Join Sage 100 product management and marketing as we share how we’re continuously working to help your business scale and meet the evolving expectations of your consumers. We’ll share recent product updates and what you can expect in future product releases. It’s never been a better time to be a Sage 100 customer.

Don’t miss out on learning how you can maximize the benefits of your subscription with current Sage 100 technology.

Target Audience: Sage 100 customers

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A look ahead at the roadmap for Sage 300 in North America. Learn how Sage 300 and key add-ons will evolve over the next 12 months.

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

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