Sage HRMS 2022 Q2 Release Overview

Sage HRMS 2022 Q2

The Sage HRMS 2022 Q2 Release is here and it comes with tons of highlights and changes. Read on to learn about state and local payroll tax updates, payroll product updates, ESS updates, release notes and everything new in Sage HRMS.

What's New in the Sage HRMS 2022 Q2 Release

U.S. State and Local Payroll Tax Updates

Alabama withholding tables and instructions have been updated, effective January 1, 2022. Refer to the state
publication for more details.

The District of Columbia Paid Family Leave Tax has an updated rate of 0.26% and will be effective starting 07/01/2022.

The Unemployment Insurance wage base limit changes to $10,800 for 2022

Maryland withholding tables and instructions have been updated, effective January 1, 2022. Refer to the state
publication for more details.

The Mantua VI Regular IT Tax has an updated rate of 2% and will be effective starting 07/01/2022.

The following local taxes have either been added or have updated rates: 

  • Schuylkill TP, Tamaqua SD (NR) LST: 2%
  • New Castle CT, New Castle SD (NR) Regular IT: 1.815%
  • Manns Choice BO, Bedford SD (NR) Regular IT: 1%
  • Scranton CT, Scranton SD Payroll Preparation Tax: 0.2787%
  • Hazleton CT, Hazleton SD Payroll Preparation Tax: 0.26%

All of these updates have been effective since 01/01/2022.

Utah withholding tables and instructions have been updated, effective May 1, 2022. Refer to the state
publication for more details.

The planned Washington Cares Fund Tax (WA0004) has been suspended. The tax has been removed from
U.S. Payroll.

Payroll Product Updates

Non-binary Gender

"Non-binary" is now a valid option for Gender on the Other Tab of the Employee Payroll page. Any other value in the Gender Identity drop-down will update the Employee Payroll Gender field to the value from Gender on the Employee Demographics page.

Reviewing Comments for Employees

If you print the Employee Information report with only comments included, the report lists only employees with comments.

Sage HRMS Product Updates

Leave of absence attachments in HRMS can now be viewed in ESS

HRMS will transfer needed fields to Aatrix to support EEO Job Category, EEO Ethnicity and CA EEO Ethnicity requirements

Fixed error when compensatory accrual plans were linked to time off plans

  • Additional gender identity drop-down options added for non-binary, prefer not to identify and other
  • Support for the new Illinois Equal Pay Act. New report named Illinois Equal Pay Act Efile now available under the EEO reports
  • Organization report will now display in landscape view
  • Add a reason code on the fly during the Change Pay function

Employee Self-Service Updates

Fixed issue when an employee was unable to enroll in benefit plan during OE due to a waive date on the benefit plan from an earlier enrollment

The mail relay issue when using Office 365 has been fixed in this update

Employer paid benefit portion now displays correctly in pay history for the ESS mobile site

Additional features only available for the
Premium version of Sage HRMS:

Preferred Names,will be appended inside of parenthesis in the Employee name banner for all Employee Detail pages as well as the Trainee Detail pages

Two factor authentication enhanced. Users can now be emailed a code or asked security questions.

Employees can now add attachments in for the following pages (skills, education, wellness, events, previous employer and attachments)

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