Sage Intacct 2022 R2: New Features, Demos, and more

Sage Intacct 2022 R2

Sage Intacct 2022 Release 2 is now available and brings a lot of new and exciting things to the table. Expanded Accounts Payable automation, Evergreen subscription contracts,  and rebranding are just some of the notable highlights that come with this release. Read on to get more details on the latest features and updates along with the full release notes. 

Core Highlights

Expanded Accounts Payable automation—Early adopter

AP Bill Automation streamlines the bill generating process by converting vendor-provided bills into Sage Intacct bills that are issued through email or uploaded directly to Intacct.

As a result, you’ll have a simplified, automated workflow that saves you time and eliminates mistakes.

Dunning notice support in Accounts Receivable

Dunning is the process of communicating with customers to collect overdue balances. These communications can progress from gentle reminders to stronger ones prompting to remit payments as balances become more overdue.

Set up your company’s collecting procedure by using dunning levels. The dunning level establishes a range for invoice amount outstanding and days past due. When printing or sending dunning notifications, this serves as a filter.

VAT tax defaults in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

You can now give a default tax schedule to a customer, vendor, or any other contact with this new feature. The tax data from the designated tax schedule are utilized as the default for the line item when you establish an Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable transaction with that customer or vendor. This makes it simple to apply one or more tax data to a transaction line entry.

Export individual fields in Data Delivery Service

It has been made it easier for you to export exactly what you want. Rather than exporting the entire object, you can export specific fields within objects.

Coming soon, the future in lists—Expanded beta

Customers like you are now testing out the new lists features. And the chance will be extended to more customers in the near future. Key enhancements make it easier to quickly specify criteria for drilling down and displaying required data. You can also save that criteria to a view for easy access in the future.

You can do simple filtering from any column or use more advanced filtering that works across columns. You can even save what you filter into a custom view for repeated use.

New Sage branding look and feel

To establish consistency across all Sage products, including Sage Intacct, we have a new look.

  • A new logo and different colors in the header and footer.
  • A simpler login means less noise so you can get straight to work.

Check out our blog to learn more about the new look and feel of Sage.

Industry Highlights

Evergreen subscription contracts

The extra maintenance required by automating open-ended contracts has been removed in this release. You can effortlessly bill auto-renewing memberships, as well as report and anticipate revenue and billing statistics. The support for evergreen contracts in Sage Intacct provides a complete subscription billing solution.

Construction billing using project contracts

You can now create project invoices that include billing information from your contract lines.

You can create project invoices that incorporate all invoice types if you utilize a project contract line to charge by percent or lump sum, or invoice for billable transactions.

Inventory fulfillment—Early adopter

Warehouse managers and workers can utilize fulfillment to track and distribute sales orders in a timely manner, keeping customers satisfied. It also includes pick and pack lists, making the job of warehouse workers more efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, once sales orders are fulfilled, Sage Intacct reserves and distributes amounts such that they cannot be used elsewhere.

From a single page, you can handle sales orders through the pick, pack, ship, invoice, or any combination of these activities.

And Much More!

See the comprehensive list of changes made in Sage Intacct 2022 Release 2 for all the details, in-depth descriptions, and demo videos of the changes coming to the product.

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